12 gifts for new parents and their tiny tots

They might already have the greatest gift in their lives but they will always appreciate a pampering treat, a helping hand and anything that’ll let them get some well-rested sleep.

I am not a new parent. But if you know of any in your life, chances are they’ve told you two things: what a magical experience their journey has been and the absolute lack of rest and sleep they’ve been having. Don’t even think about shopping or pampering or treating themselves.

So this is where you come in. They probably already own all the essentials in their meticulously organised nursery. Give them something that offers a little extra. A little love and pampering. Relaxation. Sleep. Give gifts to their new tiny tots, too.

Gifts for new parents and their little one:

There’s nothing better than a friend for life, especially one as soft and cuddly as this bunny from Jellycat. It’s been a favourite since 1999 and will continue to endure as your little one’s favourite companion as they grow.

And you know what this means. Sleep duty can now be confidently passed on to this furry one, who’ll take care of restless nights and scary nightmares. More sleep for mum and dad!


They’ll open this gift with a huge sigh of relief the moment they lay their eyes upon the very furry, very fluffy premium Esperanza sheepskin construction of these UGG Scuff Sis slippers. They’ll say it’s the softest thing they’ve slipped their feet into for the last nine months and enthuse about how heavenly it feels. They won’t want to part with them. So get them a second pair too, just in case.


If you ask, they’ll probably laugh and say “Rest” as their ideal gift for Christmas.

And while there’s no tangible way of willing more sleeping hours into the day, Ember’s Smart Mug will allow them to revel in the couple minutes they put their feet up for a light snooze. It’s not only designed to keep their coffee hot while it remains idle, it also features personalised temperature control for up to 80 minutes. No more running back and forth to the kitchen for a piping hot brew. Just sit, sip and savour in the five minutes of quietude.

So they’re looking for a little relaxation and respite. They’re far too busy to duck out for a 30-minute massage, so you’ve come up with the very ingenious idea of bringing relaxation into their home. With Aromatherapy Associates’ newest Atomiser, to be specific.

It’s thoughtfully designed to bring therapeutic moments akin to the spa into living rooms, bedrooms or wherever they choose to relax — it’s portable! Engineered with spa atomising technology, the Atomiser runs without water (so no troublesome rinsing and washing) and directly diffuses any of the brand’s 100% natural oils for an instantly soothing ambience.

If they haven’t had a restful eight hours of shut-eye, they probably haven’t had time for a trip to the spa.

So treat them to one.

Mandarin Oriental plays host to a number of Couple’s Experience with personalised treatments from salt scrubs, body massages and essential oil baths that allow mum and dad to fully relax, unwind and untangle knotted-up tension in sore muscles. This is a gift of indulgence, so take on babysitting duties, too.

They may already have prepared a storage box full of changing essentials thoughtfully planned ahead of occasion, but what’s one more?

Especially when it discards the typical rectangular format for an adorable leaf shape. This organic cotton changing mat is designed for on-the-go changes and rolls up to pack easily into the attached elastic band. It’s also lined with a waterproof sheet between the verdigris terry cloth exterior for easy cleans. Should they want to lay it out in the nursery at home, they can! It’s decorative enough to pass as a cute essential. Functional and fun!

Bendy might not appeal to tiny newborns just yet, but trust that it’ll be a friendly face as your little ones grow (as a fully grown adult, I would love to have her in my room). So cute! The cutest of companions yet.

She stands up tall at 45cm with a great silky, spotted coat, most likely of the Somalian reticulated subspecies. You’ll probably find her perched quietly in the corner with a curious smile and a very fluffy tail, eager for new adventures in the city.

There is, perhaps, no experience as comforting as slipping into a fresh silk robe. New Mum has probably forgotten all about this little luxury in the past couple of months, so treat her to this well-deserved moment with a brand new robe from Olivia von Halle.

Spun from silk in a light, relaxed silhouette, the Mimi robe glides on smooth and envelopes with a comforting embrace each time you slip it on. New Mum will probably love it so much she’ll end up doing everything in it. It’s also sketched with fluffy clouds that’ll be a comforting distraction while cradling little ones.

Now this one’s a childhood classic. But before you introduce little ones to the gripping plot of the very hungry caterpillar munching its way through a varied selection of fruit, they’ll probably appreciate this cloth edition made with crinkly fabric pages and textural coloured illustrations more. For now.

It’ll sit comfortably with them in their pram — no sharp corners and fragile pages — and serve as a reliable distraction for when they get a little restless.

Bibs are another one of those baby essentials that tick the box of  “You can never have enough,” along with onesies, changing mats (refer to #6)  and pacifiers.

Liewood’s Maru bibs are very thoughtful constructions that will impress New Mum. Super soft for comfortable wear with adjustable straps to satiate the most fussy of eaters, they’re made from silicone with a drip tray to catch all kinds of spills. Just wipe down with a damp cloth or throw into the dishwasher to clean. Meal time made so much easier.

Instead of counting sheep, they’ll be counting bunnies to sleep. But they’re babies so they won’t know the difference.

This one is more for mum; Fiona Walker’s nursery decor are all so pretty to admire. But this bunny mobile comes with function. It’ll twirl and dangle softly over the crib to gently lull any baby to sleep. It’s cute too, with staggered bunnies among pink pom-poms that appear as though they’re leaping through dreamland clouds.

Now, here at LSA, we’re inclusive. We cater to all sorts of new parents. And so if the incoming addition to your home is a four-legged furry friend, we have something for you.

This Marlon Bed from Pets So Good is exactly the kind of necessity you need to welcome your baby pup home. It’s constructed in felted microfibre for a soft exterior, bolstered by a plumped up cotton cushion in the centre. They’ll curl up in it and probably love it — love you — for life.

For devoted pet parents looking to treat their precious pets, these will do just the trick, too.

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