12 perfect gifts for sneakerheads (that aren’t sneakers)

Sneakerheads already know which kicks they want — but you can help them store, care for and celebrate them with these unique gifts.

Keeping up with the latest sneakers can be hard. Gifting for a sneakerhead? Even harder. Sneaker culture can be a lot to keep up with: Another new colourway released? Nike collaborated with who? We also understand that some of these shoes may be a bit beyond your Christmas gifting budget. But there’s more to the culture than just the footwear; it’s a combination of sports, hype accessories and even home decor.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your sneakerhead friend, here are some alternative gift ideas that they’ll be sure to love.

The best gifts for people who love sneakers:

By now you’ve probably seen the mountain of orange Nike boxes that sneakerheads pile up alongside their collection. Why do they need the box for every pair they buy? If you haven’t realised, sneakers are more than just shoes — people don’t just wear them, but love and protect them, as well. Whoever you’re shopping for likely has their own pyramid of boxes already. But do they have a durable bag? It’s perfect for when on the go, to keep their prized possessions protected and scratch-free.

Sneakers are an art form for sneakerheads. Solely wearing them just won’t do — they need to display them, as well. These stackable tower shoe boxes by A Bathing Ape allow people to customise their collection in a fashionable way. Intricate Bathing Ape motifs on the sides of the box add a unique touch, and each box opens from multiple sides for easy usage. Whoever receives these as a gift will appreciate you understanding the importance of sneaker display.

A clean sweatsuit set with fresh kicks? It’s always a vibe. Colour-coordinating sneakers with the entire fit is crucial for a sneakerhead. Find out what sneaker colourways they already have, and gift them a matching sweatsuit set. A brown set to go with Mocha Jordan 1s? Navy sweats with University Blue 4s is definitely a look. As cozy and comfortable sweatsuits are, they’re undoubtedly trendy. NBA stars like Shai and Morant pulling up to games in colour-coordinated sweats and sneakers just proves comfort should still be fashionable.

Sneakers are your babies. So you have to care for them — like babies. This means wiping off every skid mark, changing out dirty laces to fresh ones, waterproofing every inch of the outer sole, the list goes on. Buying the supplies for this can be stressful for sneakerheads, let alone taking care of all the pairs they own. Crep Protect’s Ultimate Shoe Cleaning Pack contains all tools necessary to keep sneakers slick and shiny. Sneakerheads will most definitely appreciate you understanding the importance of sneaker care.

Before we lost a legend this year in Virgil Abloh, he gave us a glimpse into his creative process. With ‘The Ten’ project in collaboration with Nike, Virgil reinvigorated sneaker culture in 2016. This book documents Abloh’s ideas and thought processes through visual elements, exclusive texts between Abloh and Nike designers, prototype models and all Nike archives.

It’s a solid read for any sneakerhead to truly appreciate Abloh’s influence. If not, the neon green hardcover looks totally cool to display on a coffee table.

Fans of celebrities and athletes hang their posters on the wall. Fans of sneakers should put up posters of sneakers! This watercolour illustration of the iconic Jordan 1s makes a great gift for any sports, sneaker or Jordan fan. It’ll be a great splash of colour to decorate their room or office.

If they’re a sneakerhead, most likely, they’re in tune with the rap scene and its crazy videos. Started by Cole Bennett, Lyrical Lemonade grew from a YouTube channel to a music video production company. With its never before seen filming style, Lyrical Lemonade has taken over the game, shooting for a roster of stars including Drake, Gunna, Lil Uzi Vert and more. This colourful rug is also a great way to add some bright summer vibes to any room.

Creased sneakers make any sneaker lover want to scream. All the shameful memes about sneaker creasing just shows how crucial it is to keep your pairs crease-free. It just changes the whole game! Simply adding an anti-crease shield helps to keep them in pristine condition. No more awkward waddling trying to prevent creases the first time they wear new kicks out the door.

This book is the definitive illustrated history of sneaker culture. Filled with exclusive interviews, sketches, blueprints by the biggest designers and sneaker collectors, Out of the Box covers the history of sneakers since the mid-nineteenth century. It showcases a huge selection of sneaker designs, from the 1860 spiked running shoe, to Air Jordans I-XX3, the original AF1s and Adidas Superstars. Whether they’re a new sneakerhead or they’ve been in the culture for a while, this groundbreaking book guarantees a good read to enrich anyone’s sneaker knowledge.

Something slightly more affordable than sneakers, but an essential for sneakerheads are a pair of slides. Not only is it a total look with sweatpants or basketball shorts, it’s super comfortable as well. If you’re feeling extra generous, buy a pair of white Nike socks to go with them, because who wears slides without socks?

You’ve only seen these in Nike stores or sneaker exhibitions. A levitating shoe display might seem extra, but it’s a great decorative piece for true heads. Designed with electromagnetic levitation technology, it suspends sneakers mid-air, and has built-in LED lighting for the extra pop. Displaying them in the house is definitely a way to impress visitors and show their love for sneakers.

Finally, if nothing else, getting a Nike Gift Card is a good way to avoid giving any unwanted presents. Nike, the home of the trendiest sneakers, and of course a sneakerhead’s paradise, offers gift cards this Christmas. Ranging from HK$300 to HK$1,000, Nike’s gift cards are a perfect way to give your sneakerhead friend a shopping spree!

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