15 perfect gifts for the biggest Hong Kong hiker you know

A clear sky, a clear mind, and plenty of water in the bottle. Their adventure begins at the foot of the mountain, but these gifts will help them make it to the top.

Hiking is not a form of escapism, but realism. People who choose to spend time in the great outdoors are not shutting out the world; they are returning to it, where we belong. Like Buffalo Bill said, “I could never resist the call of the trail.”

With decent weather finally upon us, it’s a great time of year to hike the hills of Hong Kong. Making your way along the ridges, the most beautiful views come after the hardest climbs: Hong Kong’s cross-sea bridges. Its towering skyscrapers. The busy ports from above. Nature and our fellow man give us amazing sights to behold.

For that friend who plans their weekend adventures out among nature, we’ve put together a selection of gifts they’re bound to love this holiday season.

The best gifts for people who love to hike:

Hiking isn’t always the most comfortable activity — but their clothing can be! Debuting just two decades ago, Lululemon now is a bona fide lifestyle brand with various product lines ready-made for the active wearer. The brand’s leggings, tanks, puff jackets and more will help them feel lighter than air, and with lululemon’s special tech fabric, they’ll look and feel good, even after hours of hiking. Supreme comfort on and off the trail? Now that’s a gift worth giving.

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose is a leading manufacturer of luxury apparel. Warm but not cumbersome. Stylish but functional. Informed by the demands of the Arctic, every product from parkas to rainwear can resist changing weather and extreme conditions. 

Canada Goose’s “THE ICONS” collection returns with two new capsules: Glacial Haze and X-RAY First Frost. Inspired by the colour and texture of Arctic glaciers and the misty conditions of the northern waters, Glacial Haze is brought to life in a range of icy hues — White, Dawn Blue and Spirit; while X-RAY First Frost mimics the colour of nature’s vibrance, including Overboard Yellow, Summit Pink, Sunset Orange and Pacific Blue.

Both capsules are available from Canada Goose retail outlets and online stores now, but the X-RAY First Frost capsule is an APAC exclusive.

Looking for a way to reduce their environmental footprint while making the most of being out in it? AIGLE, the minimalist French outdoor style brand, unveils the seasonal sustainable Capsule Collection. The eco-friendly line for men and women featuring waterproof and breathable recycled GORE-TEX is designed for function, style and protecting our planet. Here’s to the future.

Global activewear and lifestyle brand Sweaty Betty has produced its second collection with Hollywood icon Halle Berry. rē•spin’s mission is to empower women through fitness — doing so with chic relaxed fits and tailored performance pieces. The brand’s Super Soft fabric has multiple perks, including sweat-wicking, bum sculpting and high compression, while offering a soft touch, a super flattering fit and leg-lengthening seam lines.

After a long journey through the wilderness or to the campsite, KODAK’s 14.5′ outdoor screen is an ideal surprise for entertaining tired adventurers. This weather-resistant behemoth can inflate in minutes with its supplied electric air pump, making it easy to bring movie magic literally anywhere.

If they’re the type to get anxiety away from home — baby at home, pets at home, break-in concerns — ease their worries with a cam made for keeping an eye on things while they roam. 

With a white plastic case around a black camera, each Nest Cam IQ Outdoor looks like a sleek and minimalist desk lamp. Not only can it capture clear images of the outdoors, even facing the direct glare of sunlight, but it’s also completely weather-proof, able to withstand temperatures from around -4℃ to 45℃, which should be more than enough to cover our areas in Hong Kong. Also, the built-in infrared night vision makes it easy to keep an eye on things after dark, too.

The wilderness is not always a gentle place to be. If they’re in for a long hike, or even camping overnight, it helps to bring a few comforts of home to ensure better rest and relaxation while outside the home. A good packable and portable blanket like this one can provide extra warmth, as well as a place to rest. With a ripstop shell and synthetic insulation made from recycled plastic bottles, Rumpl’s Puffy Blanket is lightweight, but with a warmth and durability they’ll love.

Let’s be honest — hours of hiking can get a little monotonous. Why not shake things up with a little song and dance? Just add a soundtrack to the journey with Roam. With 10 hours of playtime, it’s a piece of equipment that’s ready for just about any adventure. For true audiophiles, Roam’s Trueplay software will analyse the factors of its surroundings, even in nature, to perfectly balance the sound for the listener. And the lightweight, waterproof and drop-resistant design makes it easy to handle — and a great companion for the trail.

Coolers are an essential for a long hiking trip — especially one with a place to socialise at its finish. The new-and-improved Roadie 24 is ideal for their next outdoor adventure. It’s 10% lighter in weight with 20% greater capacity than its predecessor, and perfectly accommodates a standard bottle of wine. The cooler’s quick latch is built for instant, one-hand access, which even a hiking novice can handle without breaking a sweat. With upgraded durability, extended ice retention, and weather resistance, skip the cold-hold and help them keep things cool all the way to the finish line.


Approx. HK$1,561 and up

Dead watch batteries are no fun, especially on the trail. Powered by the sunlight and keeping that energy for months, solar-powered G-SHOCK watches make battery replacement a thing of the past. Apart from some basic perks, like the 10-bar waterproof and 10-metre drop-resistant features of G-SHOCK, the button guards protect against operational error, and the case has been made even tougher in this solar-powered series. Whether they’re chasing daylight or just keeping good time, a solar digital watch, like this GW9400-1B, makes a wise choice to navigate their outdoor endeavors with ease.

When hiking during the dark winter months, a headlamp will help them go hands-free. And while most headlamps need a large battery, adding extra weight that can cause neck pain, the HeadLamp 200 Biolite is perfect for short- and medium-distance hikes when all other lights go out. It’s small, light, and can be worn without a hat or headband which makes a huge difference in the comfort area. Plus, its breathable, waterproof materials help it light the way even through the most inclement of weather.

For most adventurers, taking a catnap while swaying in a comfy hammock is the perfect way to recoup the energy needed to set back out onto the trail. The DoubleNest Hammock, with its spacious structure, is large and safe enough to accommodate even the most mobile of sleepers.

With a light carabiner, it weighs just a single pound, but can securely support up to 400 pounds. Did we also mention it’s waterproof? Keep one in their backpack for a quality rest in the great outdoors.

Water-borne illness on the trail or at the campsite? Never a good look. For short outings and individual use, the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is portable, wallet-friendly and reliable, capable of removing 99.999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites — even microplastics found in the environment. And it’s more than just a one-and-done product; each LifeStraw filter has a long lifetime, offering up to 4,000 litres of clean drinking water.

You never want to use a first aid kit. But even if problems may not arise, there is no harm in being prepared. Weighing just over a pound, VSSL’s kit contains over 60 different medical essentials. Stowed in your backpack, your car or even your purse, you will have an ever-present sense of security.

Featuring timeless comfort and utilitarian style, Teva’s Original Universal sandal is best for getting around the city and enjoying water-bound activities. The quick-dry fabric is made from recycled materials and each pair of scandals saves four plastic bottles from landfills. Plus, the lightweight moulded EVA midsole adds extra support for your feet and lets you dial in the absolute perfect fit.

Lead photo: Sze Lung Ng / EyeEm / GettyImages

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