Bavarian premier urges Germans to get vaccinated on ‘moral’ grounds

Bavarian state premier Markus Söder (CSU) is planning to expand the southeastern German state’s “2G” rules, which would restrict more public places only to those who have been fully vaccinated against or recovered from Covid-19. 

The 2G rule is already in place for many cultural and sports places in the state, but restaurants and hotels continue to operate under “3G,” where people can also gain access with a negative PCR test rather than a vaccination or recovery certificate. But Söder said tighter rules were needed.

“We need nationwide 2G in Germany,” added Söder during a press conference on November 11th.

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The Bavarian premier is also moving to put in place a “2G Plus” rule in discos and clubs. This would mean that only the vaccinated and recovered could enter many public places, and that they would also need to show a negative test.

He is also calling for booster vaccinations, where the fully vaccinated receive another dose, to be made available to anyone who had their second dose at least five months previous, noting that “boosters had brought relief” in Israel after the country saw a spike in infections earlier this year.

Currently the recommendation from German health ministers is to get a booster shot after six months.

Söder cautioned that Bavarian hospital capacity was under stress and appealed to the unvaccinated to get the shot in order to protect others, calling it a “moral” act.

Ahead of a conference between federal and state leaders next week, Söder also called for a consensus on booster shots, and laws that would require hospital and care home staff to be vaccinated.

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