33 Tales From {Couples} That Have Little To No Intercourse


“Been married for 35-plus years. Haven’t had intercourse in nearly a decade. The truth is, I acquired significantly in poor health, misplaced a ton of weight, and endured a variety of ache. I need intercourse very a lot, however my husband is afraid he’ll damage me (which is feasible; I’m fairly fragile bodily).

“The thing is, I’ve spent the last three decades-plus with my husband and our little family as the anchor of my life. He gives me hope, he gives me joy, he gives me strength. I have done my very best to give him the same things back threefold. Sometimes, I even succeed. Just because I’m not also getting a good planking twice a week doesn’t mean I still don’t want to receive or give back all that joy, hope, and strength. We do what we’ve always done: love each other as hard as we can, try to take care of each other, support each other. We just don’t get naked to do it.”


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