4 tips for staying sane during Covid lockdown in Hong Kong

With yet another round of Covid lockdowns in Hong Kong impacting work and life, try these tips to maintain a healthy mindset during this dispiriting time.

How are you all holding up in this fifth wave? I won’t lie; it hasn’t been easy. I’m sure we’ve all gone or are going through various stages of Covid lockdown-related grief — fear, anger, denial, frustration, misery, acceptance — it may even feel like they’re playing on an endless loop.

After paying attention in all my weekly therapy and coaching sessions, I have gathered some useful tips that can make you feel better, regardless of where your head’s at.

Tips for staying sane during (another) lockdown

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1.) Have a routine

When so many things are uncertain and unpredictable, we can feel very helpless. Regain control of your life by developing routines. Knowing what you have to do every day can bring comfort, reduce stress levels and improve productivity. A routine does not have to be complicated; it can be a few activities you do before you go to work and before you go to bed. I, in particular, turn on a morning routine podcast called Wake Me Up that guides you on a twenty-minute stretch and meditation session. Or, get a notebook. You’d be surprised at how getting some time away from glowing digital screens can benefit your ability to focus.

2.) Maintain human connection

While it’s not as easy to connect with others under social distancing rules, we now live in a modern age where we can have human interactions without meeting face-to-face — make the most of it! Start by reconnecting with your friends through a phone call or video call; friends exist to support and care for one another, and that bit of connection can make all the difference. If you are looking for something fun, there are a lot of games available online including Pictionary and mahjong, or hop on a recent trend and make a habit of comparing Wordle scores.

3.) Celebrate the small wins

When we practice gratitude, our brains will consciously choose positive thoughts and emotions. I know it has been difficult to have major accomplishments during the pandemic, but it does not mean the small wins and daily achievements are unimportant. Keep a gratitude journal and say thank you to yourself daily, because you deserve it. From waking up in the morning to consciously putting food in your mouth, you are taking care of yourself and you are doing a great job.

4.) Connect with nature

It can be easy to feel disconnected from nature when we are cooped up in our apartments every day. Being surrounded by trees and sunshine can generate joy and a sense of calm, so take a walk, even if it’s just for thirty minutes. Even better, leave your devices at home so you can really feel the breeze and sunlight and connect to the Earth. And if walks really aren’t your thing, adding some flowers and greens to your surroundings can really give you a boost while working from home.

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