45 Times People “Didn’t Do The Math” And Got Roasted For It Online (New Pics)

I had a love/hate relationship with math growing up. I remember several particularly painful evenings in middle school sitting at my family’s dining room table crying over my math homework because I just could not comprehend it. Thanks to immense patience shown by my father and my algebra teacher, by the time I made it to high school, I had learned to appreciate math. The logic in it is comforting, and it just makes sense (for the most part). Plus, I finally started to understand how useful it would become for the rest of my life. And while most of us don’t need to know how to do long division in our heads, a basic understanding of math can make our lives much easier. 

Unfortunately, however, some of us never seemed to become friends with math. And as people on the internet are quick to roast others for anything and everything they do wrong, math is no exception. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to laughing at all of the times people had a little too much confidence in faulty math that did not add up, so we’ve gone through and gathered some of our favorite posts just for you. Whether you’re a mathematician or you need a calculator to find out how many hours you work a week, enjoy these posts from “They Didn’t Do The Math” and be sure to upvote all of your favorites. Keep reading to also find an interview we were lucky enough to receive from Sofia Baca, one of the hosts of the Breaking Math podcast. Then if you’re interested in checking out the last Bored Panda piece on this same subreddit, look no further than right here.

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