50 Times People Threatened Someone In Such Funny And Chaotic Manner, It Ended Up In The ‘Rare Threats’ Online Group

Life on Planet Earth usually isn’t like it is in fictional stories: it’s often messy, chaotic, and full of friction and frustration. It’s only natural then, that People Don’t Get Along Very Well. Egos get bruised, ambitions clash, and people argue for hours on social media. As a result, some folks can no longer contain their anger and resort to name-calling or worse—threats. Oh, but we’re not talking about your regular internet insults and digital threats here. No, Pandas, what we have in store for you today is far more shocking and creative.

Welcome to r/Rarethreats. The online community shares the rarest threats, warnings, and insults to ever grace the net. The posts are ominous and practically ooze danger (sometimes with a small side-order of humor). It’s a real treat for anyone who’s a fan of wordplay or simply wants to stock their arsenal with some great ideas to confuse and amuse their opponents. Scroll down for the best posts from r/Rarethreats, and tell us which of these intimidated you the most in the comments. Seriously, the creativity here is astounding—we’ve never enjoyed being threatened so much.

Bored Panda got in touch with the moderator team at r/Rarethreats, and redditor u/Left4pillz was kind enough to answer our questions about the history of the community, the life of a mod, and what the secret behind a great threat is. Check out what they told us below, Pandas.

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