91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online

91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online The very first thing you do each day at PetSmart is dump the useless reptiles into the trash. We handled them in addition to we may as soon as they have been within the retailer — given our pretty minimal sources — however they’re mistreated in transit and infrequently die inside a day of arriving on the retailer. We as soon as reordered a chameleon 3 times as a result of they saved dying. Everyone knew they have been too delicate to move, however head workplace needed a chameleon within the retailer. Most staff aren’t conscious of this, since administration tries to brush it beneath the rug, however I used to be the morning custodian.

The birds are additionally neurotic as hell on account of sheer mind-numbing boredom, and the rodents chew as a result of they’re unsocialized. Elderly hamsters get put within the again room, the place they will by no means be bought, as a result of they make clients unhappy. At least in my expertise, the staff genuinely attempt to handle the animals, nevertheless it’s simply not a very good setting for them.

The cats are okay, although, since they don’t seem to be truly bought by PetSmart. The firm simply lends show area to rescue teams and shelters. They’re principally fairly completely satisfied and nicely cared for.

Just in case anybody’s involved in serving to out an animal with out going by means of a company pet retailer, your native shelter most likely has birds and rodents who want houses. You also can ask PetSmart staff if they’ve any animals within the again, though that is a morally gray space since they will reorder one other animal to switch the one you bought.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Ruby Falls is faux. Their waterfall is pumped in. It’s synthetic. The formations are paint and plastic and styrofoam or sometimes purchases from different caves midway throughout the nation. They lie in regards to the peak of the falls. Like not just a little exaggeration, they declare it is virtually twice as excessive as it’s. Most of the tales your tour guides inform you might be made up. Unless they’ve grey hair their humorous quips about previous excursions are principally bs. The staff aren’t informed any of this and should piece it collectively on their very own. Numerous administration legitimately does not know. The tour guides know and do not care, those that do care stop. They threaten to sue staff who ever reveal any of this EVEN TO FELLOW EMPLOYEES!

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Dupont killed off an endangered species in an space they needed to broaden. Then they laid off some of us who knew they have been endangered, and magically the epa inspector didnt discover something, as a result of that they had buried up the pits and holes the place the frogs had died.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online When diesel gasoline will get spilled in working water entrance they simply unfold dish cleaning soap. This sinks the gasoline to the underside, the place it might probably’t be cleaned up, avoiding the rainbow slick, 10k fantastic, and an actual clear up.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online This is my finest story, I used to be 18 and a pushover on the time, wasn’t going to argue since I simply began working there:

At Staples (in Canada), we ran out of pencil crayons throughout again to high school season, which was not good for enterprise; dad and mom need to do one-stop searching for faculty. So one of many managers took me to the Wal-Mart on the different finish of the purchasing centre, and we loaded up 2 carts with ALL of their pencil crayons.

It will get worse. To eradicate any suspicion and forestall the Wal-Mart managers from stopping us, we informed the cashiers we have been on a mission journey to Africa and that these have been provides for poor colleges over there. They believed it, we took all of them, stocked the cabinets at Staples and resold them.

Looking again, rattling that was some shady s**t.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Worked at Domino’s in faculty. Our franchisee made it a fireable offense to name in sick. If you missed a scheduled shift, it might be thought-about quitting, and also you would not get placed on the schedule ever once more.

As a end result, employees would are available to work INCREDIBLY in poor health and nonetheless make your meals. I as soon as witnessed a coworker start to make a pizza, cease to go puke within the lavatory, then proceed making the pizza.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online At a movie show the place I used to work, on the finish of the evening, we might gather all of the unsold popcorn and stuff it into these huge yellow trash baggage. The subsequent morning, yesterday’s popcorn was the primary to go within the hotter. My boss mentioned that popcorn was fantastic to reheat and serve for as much as every week. We by no means dated the luggage, although (baggage that we weren’t allowed to throw away. We reused them on a regular basis) so there was actually no approach to know the way previous the popcorn was. Not as horrifying as some stuff right here, however I assumed it was kinda gross.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Went to an Aveda magnificence faculty. Every 12 months Aveda does an enormous recycling cap program, since most moldable caps can’t be recycled. We collected caps for a month, and our purchasers have been actually excited to be serving to the setting. After the promo was executed the instructors made us seize 3-4 rubbish baggage of caps every…and we threw them within the dumpster of the constructing subsequent door. We did not even use our personal trash. Probably as a result of Aveda can take away their franchising rights in the event that they discover any infractions.

Also Aveda is owned by Estee Lauder so there may be actually nothing pure about them. And they take a look at on animals.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored at this terrible f**king pet retailer that bought canines. We all knew the costs of all of the canines by coronary heart but when somebody requested we needed to faux to not know, convey the canine out to them to play with(even when they particularly ask you to not)so that they get hooked up. Meanwhile I’m within the again with my thumb up my a** pretending to lookup the worth. Then once they’re all good and bonded with the canine I’d have to come back out to inform them that as a substitute of the $300ish they have been anticipating, it might be extra like $2,500. Queue tears. Lots of f**king tears. There was all this entire bulls**t we needed to inform them to justify the worth together with that the canines have been registered. Well I had a buyer come again completely f**king livid that the canine wasn’t truly registered. Turns out what administration meant(however did not EVER say to us) was that the canines have been regester-able. That’s only one instance of an entire lot of s**t I put up with there. I’m a reasonably sincere individual as guilt actually will get to me greater than regular I feel and all that intense mendacity by means of my enamel to good folks made me extraordinarily depressed and I stop after solely 3 months.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Hotel I take advantage of to work for payed off a surveyor to not inform those that they destroyed a crap ton native American artifacts once they constructed. Pottery, bones, you title it they bulldozed over it.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored at a “luxury” film theatre for 3 years. Complete with service to your seat, outsized recliner seats, pillows and blankets. The pillows and blankets have been by no means washed. Ever. But the break room was stocked with model new ones. Always ask for a brand new blanket.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Female co-worker filed a criticism as a result of a male co-worker slapped her a**. I watched administration have him signal his paperwork for a “written warning” after which I watched administration shred it whereas the feminine co-worker was at lunch. I labored in HR for them on the time. I can affirm they made no formal documentation of something that occurred that day. They shredded the one paperwork that even acknowledged it occurred.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online At a sure hen institution, we had deep friers that you simply put hen into, locked them up, waited on the machines timer and pulled them out. It was 3 minutes and 30 seconds lengthy. In rushes after we have been low on hen, they made us open the machines up earlier earlier than they have been absolutely cooked by generally a full minute… I did not work there that lengthy.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I “managed” a meals joint at a six flags once I was 16. But a 16yo working a meals institution will not be even the worst half. We actually watered down the nacho cheese about (50/50), I grilled hen for 10 hours a day on the identical grill with out time to wash it so by the top of the day there was 1 / 4 inch of gunk constructed up, I had new crew members on a regular basis who had by no means labored there earlier than, my managers would take their breaks after we wanted to shut however we could not depart till they checked our work, so we might simply sit for a very good 30mins earlier than we may go dwelling. I ended up getting fired as a result of in by accident bumped a HIDDEN SECURITY CAMERA whereas cleansing within the again room.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Worked at McDonals as a youngster within the kitchen there. As a prepare dinner we have been educated that each time we hear a timer go off on a tray within the patty hotter we press the button to reset and do nothing else. When I used to be coaching to be a supervisor we have been taught that the timers have been the advisable secure time for a patty to sit down within the hotter and all of the pattys within the tray that timed out must be thrown away. As a prepare dinner we might usually have trays that had their timers reset 5+ instances in a row earlier than the pattys have been served from them.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored in a espresso store the place they’d purchase individually packaged muffins in bulk, like the type you see in comfort shops. They would then have us take away them from their packaging and wrap them in saran wrap, and promote them as selfmade for over twice the worth as what they bought actually subsequent door on the gasoline station.

I at all times loved the compliments I acquired for my baking abilities.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Worked within the kitchen at a Wetherspoons (pub chain in UK). If something went outdated, we merely modified the day dot on it so it now says it goes outdated tomorrow as a substitute. If one thing recent did not promote nicely however we already had a lot of it ready (this might occur with steaks and fish principally) the dates would get repeatedly modified till it went brown/stank after which it might get placed on ‘particular’. Manager’s bonuses have been, partly, based mostly on wastage; decrease wastage=greater bonus.

Also we acquired just about every part pre-portioned, frozen and so no less than half if not your entire meal might be microwaved. In normal the later you are available, the extra kitchen gear we now have turned off and cleaned so extra of it goes within the mikes. Send again your meals as a result of its chilly? That’s going within the microwave. That job significantly broadened my thoughts to what precisely you possibly can prepare dinner utilizing microwaves alone.

We additionally did not get breaks. They would even tailor shift lengths so that you’d get the shortest authorized size breaks (that we might get shouted at for taking anyway). For instance, a 5 hour shift provides you Quarter-hour break however a 4:45 shift provides you no break, guess which one they offer you.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored for a hen restaurant. At one level we have been so infested with cockroaches it was regular to see about 20 a day. We (The administration and supervisor workers) begged the supervisor to close down the shop to wash. Instead we by no means ever stopped and have been required to come back in on the weekends to wash round every part. We additionally have been required to name cockroaches “friends” so we would not let the client know that we have been infested. On a couple of event we might really feel them crawling on us and we have been informed we weren’t allowed to react or we might be written up. Thankfully we acquired shut down by the well being division and company took over the shop and turned it round.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Worked at Red Robin was always compelled to purchase tube meat from Walmart and promote it as Gourmet.

Had to sneak it within the again so no person would join the dots.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored at NASA as a contractor for two years. 90% of the computing {hardware} was very antiquated and outdated. I noticed loads of Dell computer systems from the mid 2000s nonetheless getting used, sure even pre-thin-style displays, that beige or off-white colour. They are fairly underfunded and spend most of their cash on extra superior {hardware} like supercomputers, massive servers, and so forth. But the fundamental {hardware} is basically outdated. In reality, the entire place appeared like a museum of the Nineteen Nineties…the structure, the costume kinds, the lighting, carpet, and so forth. It was very unusual, virtually eerie.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I labored for the northwest firm in northern Canada. The Inuk artwork that they promote for tons of or 1000’s of {dollars} they purchase for $10-20 from the artist. I requested a supervisor why, he mentioned it’s as a result of they’re poor anyway. I stop that evil firm the subsequent week.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Current PetSmart worker. The quantity of “quiet” (useless) fish we now have to throw out by the top of a single DAY is ridiculous. I do not know the way it is not alarming to clients, as a result of we’re informed to do it proper in entrance of them. Also, I do not perceive why it is not allowed to socialize the animals. Nobody needs a hamster or any pet that’s going to chew.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online This is far more lighthearted than most, however right here it goes. I used to work at a quick informal burger place with a secret recipe BBQ sauce. The secret ingredient was Root Beer syrup.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online If you ordered any vodka; Grey Goose Belvedere Titos Ketel one, and so forth You are getting Blue Ice vodka. Owner of the bar would pour low-cost vodka into these bottles. I refused to do it myself, so he would do it. I made phenomenal cash there, 350-500 a shift so i by no means mentioned s**t about it. After i stop i let folks know. Was shut down 3 months after

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online I nonetheless have copies of emails from our Gamestop district supervisor directing us to promote by means of all our pre orders of GTA4 as a substitute of holding them for the shoppers that reserved them as a result of he acquired a fee on complete numbers bought.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online My first job was at a French bakery. It’s an honest sized chain within the states. An inventory of their transgressions in opposition to humanity:

I watched a pizza come out of the oven and fall toppings-side-down on an unusually filthy kitchen ground. This was on Mother’s Day (busiest day of the 12 months for a spot like this) so it was scraped up (as instructed by a supervisor) and tossed again within the oven with just a little additional cheese to cover all of the c**p caught to it. I used to be made to serve this to a stunning older girl and it haunts me to this present day.

The cow. Holy f**okay, the cow. This was what we known as an enormous fridge-sized milk dispenser that was by no means cleaned nicely. One day somebody dragged this disgusting bastard out from the alcove it was in and, shock shock, no person had cleaned beneath or behind it for months if not years. There was a several-inch-thick layer of spoiled milk with a technicolor carpet of mould throughout it. Makes my abdomen flip simply occupied with it.

At 16 I used to be given the distinguished place of baking all the bread / pastries / and so forth.. It was all frozen and it was by no means unusual for me to search out years previous bins within the freezer. Those have been all cooked and served.

Now, their transgressions in opposition to me:

I used to be sealed in a human sized proofing oven for about an hour due to a defective door. It was on, at a low temp / excessive humidity, however STILL.

There was an precise oven with doorways that opened like a kitchen cupboard (swinging open horizontally fairly than open vertically) and it was positioned round a nook at a excessive site visitors space. Well, these doorways didn’t transfer independently – they have been linked so should you shut or open one the opposite closed. I used to be leaned manner into the f**ker and guess what? Someone closed one of many doorways as they have been coming round which closed the opposite door as nicely. This resulted in me getting closed in and it was at about 450f. I struggled out by urgent the perimeters of my forearms in opposition to the doorways leading to fairly extreme burns as huge as a two pc mice on every forearm. I used to be made to finish my shift.

Boxes within the freezer have been stacked waaaay too excessive leading to an avalanche of frozen cookie dough burying me in that b***h. I needed to bang on the wall with my foot for about 20 minutes earlier than the sauté prepare dinner got here and dug me out. Manager did not give a f**okay.

Allow me to conclude this by saying that I labored in a number of different eating places throughout my younger life and NEVER got here throughout something REMOTELY like this once more. I’ve by no means seen a waiter or bartender f**okay with one other individual’s meals – so far as I’m involved that is a delusion. I’ve by no means seen such atrocious cleansing practices anyplace else, not even shut.

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91 Former Employees Who Were Told To Keep Company Secrets Reveal Them To Everyone Online Walmart distribution heart had every week lengthy orientation. For about 2 days of that orientation they gave us the reason why unions are dangerous and haven’t any place within the firm . They informed us we might be terminated if we tried to unionize.

They just about fed us propaganda supplies and handled us like youngsters. They made us repeat that we understood the scenario and the results of tried unionization.

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I labored at a gasoline station/ auto store and I used to be informed to dump used motor oil within the gravel behind the constructing as a result of the storage tanks have been full.

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Comcast spams their very own staff asking them to donate cash to their PAC to combat Net Neutrality. F**okay Comcast, I’m glad I used to be fired.

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I began working as an off-the-cuff in a seafood division of a grocery store franchise some time in the past. After 2 months they moved me to full time, 4 after that I used to be Employee of the month and assistant supervisor.

The firm requested if I may relocate to a different retailer to run their store as Manager. I used to be stoked, supervisor at 18? Felt good man.

I used to be there for eight months, 13 hour days six days every week. I used to be getting paid $450 every week. I assumed one thing was fallacious about that and approached my supervisor, he mentioned as a result of im younger and nonetheless on my full time probation interval i used to be incomes much less, however as soon as probation was over id be on a better pay grade. Well probation rolls previous and my pay hadnt gone up.

The union got here in at some point and have been chatting to all of the workers in regards to the job. I requested him about my paygrade and what i used to be incomes, and his jaw actually dropped. He pulled out his folder and confirmed me what i used to be presupposed to be incomes which was over double.

He backed me up when i approached head workplace about it and regardless of them making an attempt to tug over each factor within the guide to keep away from backpaying me, i ended up strolling out of that assembly with one thing like seven grand plus a penalty.

The firm went from 15 main shops to 2 within the area of three years.

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Worked in a personal owned docs workplace. They would normally schedule folks with authorities insurance coverage for appointments months out, and schedule folks with personal insurance coverage for a lot nearer appointments, subsequent day even. Also, since Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for immunizations and therapeutic injections individually, when they’re given throughout an workplace go to, they’d schedule the affected person for an additional appointment the subsequent morning, and “give” the injection then. Thereby permitting them to invoice it individually. The factor is, the affected person by no means even is aware of about this “second” appointment, and their insurance coverage pays the payments. The workplace supervisor would additionally signal into the docs computer systems and ship in narcotic rx’s for sufferers beneath their names, despite the fact that she has no medical license in any respect.

Example. A affected person is available in for an workplace go to and will get a flu shot. No different vaccines given. They are billed for the workplace go to that day and for the flu shot the subsequent day. Also the managers has all the docs passwords and keys to their programs. She claimed it was “just in case anything happens that I need to fix and they’re not here” , however she usually used it for different functions, even once they have been in workplace or on trip.

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When I labored within the mailroom for the principle AT&T facility for the West Coast, the administration firm Global Real Estate would order Tivo’s and flat display screen TV’s for the 350+ vacant rooms within the constructing on the finish of each fiscal 12 months. After they have been put in, the next weekend all these TV’s and Tivo’s would “magically” flip up lacking.

If you lookup Global Real Estate, they’re as much as some fairly shady s**t all around the globe. I’m fairly certain they’re run by the mob. My Italian boss as soon as made a thinly veiled demise risk to me over a steak throughout a Christmas celebration.


Petsmart (which truly usually wasn’t as dangerous as you’d count on) made us take the sick animals to the instore vet, banfield… which might be fantastic however banfield solely sees cats and canines. Which resulted in loads of small mammals and lizards getting incorrect drugs and prognosis and finally passing away. (Though the shop I used to be at realized this and now they take them to a reptile and small mammal specialist) We additionally couldn’t say no to a sale, which means many fish went dwelling in bowls, Guinea pigs went dwelling in hamster cages, and so forth The breeder that promote us the animals usually despatched us the rejects, which means it wasn’t uncommon for us to get an animal in that was malformed, malnourished, and generally even with extreme accidents Also the hamsters CONSTANTLY eat one another

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Arby’s is vile. They will promote you sandwiches which can be actually roast beef shavings and burnt scraps as a result of they need to get monetary savings by not losing even inedible bits of beef. I used to be informed, once I labored there, to not waste any meat, even when it meant rolling a pile of burnt pores and skin, rubbery scraps, and miscellaneous shavings right into a ball and plopping it on a bun.

I stop after every week.

Edit: so, value clarifying—sure, there are well-run Arby’s. Mine was a coaching retailer owned by a really massive franchisee, and they’re the embodiment of penny-pinching miserliness. Their most popular methodology of rotating inventory (cheeses, veggies) is to modify the labels when the maintain date is exceeded, fairly than truly discarding expired product.

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I’ve an experiment for you. Take a skinny stack of normal index playing cards and go to your native Wal Mart. Go to the recent hen part. The lengthy clear plastic strip on the entrance of the shelf may be lifted up out of the black shelf. Lift it up. Take your index playing cards and place it the place the plastic was. Now run it, with out lifting it up, to the top of the shelf. If half rotten hen guts do not fall out of that shelf then you might be at a cleaner Wal Mart than I’ve ever been in. Odds are you’ll see (and scent) them caked everywhere in the backside of the plastic factor as quickly as you pull it out of the shelf. When I labored at Wal Mart I at all times waited till the place was virtually devoid of consumers earlier than I pulled these cabinets aside to wash them.

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I labored at CVS and we had a man return to the pharmacy, attain over-the-counter and seize a tray stuffed with stuffed(?) prescription papers and ran out the emergency exit. These papers included personal info on DOZENS of our clients. Names, numbers, addresses, meds they’re on, and so forth.. There was just about no cause for that info to be so simply accessible or out within the open, even behind the counter. Some tech actually screwed up, however the kicker was my retailer supervisor who informed everybody to not inform anybody or report it as a result of it “wasn’t that big of a deal”. All I may take into consideration have been all of my common clients that had are available that day. Called HR that evening and reported him. seems, it was an enormous deal. Full on investigation huge deal. Every single considered one of our clients needed to be known as and knowledgeable of a breach as a result of there was no approach to know who’s prescriptions have been in that tray and who’s weren’t. We misplaced loads of purchasers.

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All the soups at Bob Evans, and loads of the meat actually; comes frozen in plastic baggage, that then get boiled as a method of heating them up.

Tons of stuff get’s microwaved and despatched out. The cooks do little or no precise cooking.

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Worked for the United Nations. There’s a listing of world companies they refuse to work with/settle for donations from, as a result of they’re thought-about principally evil. It’s not publicly obtainable information even to most individuals who work within the UN system, however should you attempt to work with an organization on the checklist, and also you ship the proposal up the meals chain, finally you may get shut down. Don’t have the checklist to share, however perhaps another person does. Some very well-known manufacturers are on it.

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One of the gross sales managers was convicted of coercing a 14 12 months previous woman into having intercourse with him when he was 23 at a church retreat saying it was God’s will.

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I’ve been ready some time for a thread like this. F**okay Home Depot. They have a division known as Home Depot Interiors – do not need your house reworked by HDI, folks, come on.

The particular division I labored for was Cabinet Refacing. I used to be a salesman for about 4-5 months earlier than I acquired the f**okay out of there. Here’s the deal:

Any time you might have a salesman come into your house, to present you a pitch and he/she brings samples and has just a little presentation, please know that their fee in your rework job is typically as excessive as 20%. That means should you purchase a kitchen rework for $20,000, your salesperson simply took dwelling as much as $4,000 of your cash only for promoting you this ripoff rework and sitting in your own home for a number of hours. That’s $4k you might use for all prime of the road, new home equipment.

Also, in terms of cupboard refacing, it’s a waste of f**king cash. They work so arduous to spin the knowledge to make you imagine that you simply’re getting this unimaginable service when, in actuality, the ONLY profit is that they’ll rework the kitchen in like 3-4 days versus a pair weeks should you pay a contractor to do it correctly. I’ve had clients present me a bid from a contractor for, actually, half the worth of refacing and they’d obtain an precise full rework with all new cupboards.

The gross sales course of is dishonest. You are taught to bend the reality so far as potential with out technically mendacity however THEN, when you begin working with the salesperson who’ve been there some time, you might be taught to full on lie and cheat and, principally, steal from folks. This comes within the type of over-measuring every part. Countertops. Cabinets. Flooring. Everything is measured retaining an enormous cushion so when the client inevitably tries to haggle with you, you possibly can convey the worth down and nonetheless become profitable.

This kind of stuff is so pervasive in just about 100% of in-Home gross sales. Solar panels, home windows, vacuum cleaners, safety programs – you might be getting ripped off. Your haggling abilities don’t imply s**t as a result of these folks eat, breathe, sleep occupied with intelligent methods to tear you off. True salesman are sharks who adore cash and nothing will cease them from getting yours. It’s completely crooked however as a result of it’s a deeply engrained mentality in the whole gross sales tradition, it’s arduous to weed out the few good ones.

TL;DR – In-Home gross sales are an enormous ripoff at finest and a legit rip-off at worst. Save your cash and attempt to discover firms who merely give regular estimates with out a huge canine and pony present with some dickhead sporting pleated khakis, a polo shirt and briefcase exhibiting up at your door. Real workmen put on common garments.

NOTE: Home Depot, I informed your CEO, your nationwide HR director and your authorized group that I might do every part I may to sink your silly cupboard refacing ship. I labored out of the HDI San Antonio workplace and you know the way dangerous you f**ked me and all these different hopeful salespeople by being dishonest about earnings. Come at me bro.

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Geek Squad memberships are a complete ripoff, it takes longer for his or her companies to finish, BitDefender will decelerate and f**okay up your pc, we did not troubleshoot issues, simply inform you one thing is damaged to get you to purchase stuff and Clearplex is simply thick Saran wrap, it prices lower than 2 cents per sheet.

We have been informed explicitly “You are not a computer technician, you are a sales person. This isn’t a computer repair job and I don’t care if you can fix them, you’re here to sell services!”

I’m an authorized pc technician, and f**okay these scumbags, I walked so many individuals trigger it was dangerous for them to have us work on their stuff.

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I labored for a privately owned firm providing custom-made knowledge programmes plus knowledge entry and evaluation companies. We had a contract with Ontario’s Emergency Medical Services. My job was to decipher and enter 15 years value of knowledge from ambulance name experiences protecting 2 counties into the database designed by our firm with a view to convey the province updated earlier than the massive hospital merger in 2008.

When the job was executed, as a substitute of selecting up one other authorities contract, my boss bought her home and moved overseas in a rush with over 1,000,000 {dollars}. That’s once I discovered that the whole contract was unlawful. Some hospital admin did not need to cope with the job they got so that they illegally outsourced it to our firm on the sly, permitting my boss to take a truck load of labeled paperwork off hospital grounds each week.

I wasn’t allowed to inform anyone as a result of the scandal would have delayed the merger and value the area tons of cash in fines, investigations, and replanning. I hate being somebody’s soiled little secret. It feels actually rapey.

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It’s probably not a secret, nevertheless it is not usually trumpeted from the hilltops both; you’ve got acquired a full week to convey any used sport you purchase from GameStop again with the ticket for a full refund. You’ve acquired a month to convey it again for a retailer credit score refund in full. I made it some extent to inform each buyer who purchased a used sport this info and acquired (unofficially) reprimanded for it on a couple of event.

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Working at a grocery retailer, I learnt that you need to at all times. 100% of the time. No if’s or however’s. WASH YOUR PRODUCE. We would usually get bins with squished, molding and rotting fruit and veggies (it’s perishable meals in any case) however would simply type these out and rapidly wipe off the encircling gadgets.

It’s very possible that apple that you simply took a chew out of has been touched by no less than 5 clients, probably been dropped on the ground, and may need been proper subsequent to rotting fruit for a number of days. Enjoy.

ACyclistsRant Report

Worked for a number of years in a Shell gasstation in Denmark. The combined sweet isle is barely stuffed, it is by no means, ever emptied or cleaned.

The gummybears on the buttom are most likely extremely saught by archeologists around the globe.

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I nonetheless work for them however I’ll say it anyway.

We ran a survey with a random draw prize.

The advertising and marketing woman mentioned the winner ought to NOT be chosen randomly and as a substitute be considered one of our excessive web value purchasers.

I refused to be part of serving to her trying to find the winner because it was principally unlawful to decide on a random winner in a non random manner. As she was a retard unable to seek for something she conceded defeat and let me select somebody randomly.

I work for one of many largest banks on the planet.

edit: OK not so massive truly, prime 50 – we was once prime 20 however issues moved round.

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I labored within the video games division for a big amusement park in Ohio (trace not Cedar Point). Though I’m certain this assertion applies to each amusement park with video games, these large stuffed animals you spend $25+ to get value the park actually pennies. Basically what the park does is that they purchase the outer coating/sample of what the stuffed animal goes to be, then they purchase the little foam pellets, they fill the shell with the pellets in home, after which have an in home seamstress sow all of it up.

If I keep in mind accurately the shells value one thing like $6.50 a pound and also you get like 50 shells in a pound or one thing ridiculous like that. So all in all you might be paying an enormous markup to MAYBE win a large stuffed prize.

Also: the edges on these basketball video games are half an inch smaller in diameter than regulation, whereas the ball stays at regulation measurement. While it doesn’t appear to be a lot, it’s important sufficient that it makes it rather a lot more durable to make that 10 foot shot.

Finally we have been educated to go after sure folks as a result of they’ve extra ego pushed personalities. If a household with a dad and two youngsters go concurrently a gaggle of junior excessive boys go, the junior excessive boys are focused each time. This would go on to not solely be simply making an attempt to “sell” the sport, but in addition throwing minor insults in to attempt to poke at their egos and works each time.

UnStricken Report

Worked at Harris Teeter’s deli a number of years in the past and dropped an entire deli turkey breast on the bottom. My supervisor picked it up, went to scrub it within the uncooked meals sink (with simply water), dropped it within the uncooked meals sink with uncooked hen juice, rinsed with water, and handed it to me to chop for a buyer.

She left instantly after (finish of shift) and I promptly threw the turkey away and acquired a brand new one. This occurred actually ALL THE TIME.

(Not actually an organization secret however positively was swept beneath the rug as a result of my supervisor was feminine as am I):

She was CONSTANTLY making sexual feedback in the direction of the feminine employees too. Telling us who had huge tits or huge a**es, making sex-related jokes, or speaking about our intercourse lives at dwelling. She even touched my a** a couple of times however coated it beneath the entire “excuse me, my bad, just trying to get passed.”

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Animals in cages on the airport will get thrown violently on conveyor belts by the baggage workers. They do not care. It’s only a sport of who throws the baggage the strongest on the wall and falls on the belt.

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Candy man right here. We left chocolate out in show circumstances for months on finish. When my mates got here by to the shop I informed them to keep away from it in any respect prices.

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Panera Bread – all the soups. ALL OF THEM are available frozen and in plastic baggage.

Puchojenso Report

I’m in Mexico and used to work at name facilities. They would ask us to at all times state we have been positioned within the US. I labored for Comcast and Sprint-Nextel however there have been another campaigns corresponding to HP tech help or AT&T or Verizon.

Klettova Report

Being a butcher I discovered that loads of stuff you’re informed to do goes in opposition to meals hygiene.

Bit of meat fell on the ground? Pick it up and provides it a wash. Meat hit that time it might probably’t be within the window? Mince it. Chicken will go dangerous tomorrow? Kebab it.

Just after Christmas we had a load of additional bacon that we did not promote and was taking ages to go. It acquired to the purpose the place the bacon was sticky and began rising mould/fur. I used to be informed to scrape off the mould/fur and put it within the window for show.

The joints and the sausages have been hung up with rusted hooks and put me manner off.

The butchers acquired prime cleanliness scores for some cause.

The_Harry_g Report

I labored at Dunkin Donuts, and no less than at my location, all of the s**t was frozen. The free samples are the oldest donuts we now have, and when serving, we decide donuts from the again of the tray, as these are the oldest. Also, my location wasn’t too excessive quantity, so we did not change out espresso each 18 minutes like we have been presupposed to. Coffee could possibly be a number of hours previous, generally donuts have been over 5 or 8 hours previous in the event that they have been a low-demand sort.

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That mattress you purchased on “clearance” was a return any individual slept on for as much as a month or so.

Pisgahstyle Report

Not particular to my firm however;

Used to work in a 4 star spa resort

Bedsheets do not at all times get modified,particularly with 1-2 evening stays

Don’t ever use the cups- the identical cleansing rag that cleans the bathroom will most likely contact your cups too

They used to cost 30 quid for a basket of fruit – that fruit had been dropped on soiled service room flooring and all kinds earlier than being eaten by the shoppers that paid the 30 quid for it

In all seriousness I can not loosen up in motels in any respect now

Chops2917 Report

I used to work at a well-known chain restaurant (not Applebee’s) once I was younger. People would ask on a regular basis if one thing was microwaved, on account of their meals various in temperature, their plate being sizzling, the style of their meals, or no matter. Yes, the meals is microwaved. No, we is not going to truly inform you that. From what I may inform, your most important course was made to order. So should you ordered the hen, they’d truly prepare dinner the hen on the range proper after you ordered it. Everything else, like your sides, have been shoved in plastic baggage and “cooked” within the microwave. Like your potatoes, veggies, rice, soup, no matter. I feel fries have been truly made to order as nicely, since they have been meant to be crispy. Also, it actually boggled my thoughts when folks would order dessert. It’s actually a frozen piece of cake, cheesecake, or no matter. None of it’s recent. And the ice cream is the most cost effective vanilla bean ice cream in the marketplace. We acquired our’s from Aldi’s by the model “Dean’s” which is well-known for being a big tub at a low value.

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My good friend from panera labored over 40 hours every week a number of weeks, and her boss would lower her hours at 40 and never even pay her a daily wage for the additional hours. She reached out to company about it, they usually did nothing.

This was 4-5 years in the past, and he or she resides in one other state, most likely manner too late for her to cope with this now.

I say full time for 20-25 hours every week which means, 20-25 or extra. If you labored lower than that quantity, you have been half time, and get no primary advantages. If you labored 20-25 or extra persistently, you’ll get primary advantages which included paid sick time, paid trip time, each of these paid upfront should you did not use them up, and one thing else I do not keep in mind (This was B&N) If you have been a full time supervisor, you’ll get wage and common advantages (like primary insurance coverage and issues)

I’m unsure if it was franchise or firm, it was a part of a plaza that had many shops (Khols, Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Dicks Sporting Goods, a lot of garments model shops, a lot of magnificence model shops, a grocery store)

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When I labored at a gasoline station whereas I used to be in highschool, whever the proprietor would name us to boost the worth, we might replenish our vehicles first.

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KFC deliberately shift starves older group members to stop them from bringing the labour funds up, and once they stop on account of lack of shifts they do not get paid out as a result of technically it is them quitting.

Just take into consideration that for a second. The solely folks above 18 within the retailer are possible the administration workers.

The folks cleansing the dishes your meals is prepped on, cooking your meals, getting ready your meals, packaging your meals and handing it to you might be 15-17 12 months olds with precisely as a lot maturity as you’ll count on.

Don’t get me fallacious, loads of them are fairly good for his or her age, however nonetheless, all it takes it one child offended at their boss for no matter cause to neglect a step, or stuff up, and bam, you are sick for 4 days with meals poisoning.


A couple of factors since individuals are each agreeing and disagreeing.

I’m not within the states. Numerous American KFC employees could very nicely have completely different experiences.

I’m talking about my “area” particularly, which consisted of about half a dozen shops. This could have ended once I left, or it might be that I’ve a skewed notion. I’ve been fallacious earlier than, and I is perhaps fallacious now. This was additionally a number of years in the past, so issues may have modified radically.

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At Hot Topic they warned about having low items per transaction or ‘UPT’ as they known as it. If a buyer solely needed to purchase one factor, we have been presupposed to attempt to stress them into shopping for associated gadgets. The retailer I used to be at had a field of s**ty little pin on buttons that we needed to counsel to everybody at checkout.

dipdipbeantot Report

UPS gave me a complete security orientation on correct lifting on the job and making use of warning tape to packages over 70 lbs. They, nevertheless, didn’t observe both rule as I used to be anticipated to get issues executed sooner than correct lifting or warning tape utility would permit. I used to be additionally fired after my supervisor uncared for to tell me that I used to be presupposed to carry out sure duties on the road I used to be working. Not to say your packages are often by no means dealt with with care, however that is the commerce off of receiving subsequent day delivery.

I additionally labored at Job Corps. Plenty of scholars have been allowed to graduate as a result of they have been favored by the coach/counselors. They additionally applied a co-ed dormitory in a dorm that was meant for women solely. Not too point out I do know of a number of situations the place a feminine Residential Advisor attached with a youthful male pupil. As a younger male, I used to be by no means allowed to work the feminine dorm, which was okay with me. However, they allowed younger females to work the male dorms. That’s the place issues arose. One male pupil attached with a 40 12 months previous feminine, and acquired hooked on meth due to her. Last I heard of them each, she was pregnant and he was in jail for home assault.

Don’t get me fallacious. Job Corps does have success tales, however the price is questionable.

stage 1 [deleted] Report

DocuPAD (large desk sized display screen used for electronically signing paperwork in automotive dealerships), prices about 1/20 than what it is bought for, barely works, and the corporate has no real interest in enhancing it.


After shifting on to a place the place I labored extra intently with software program builders, the docuPAD commits a number of cardinal sins of database design that result in quite a few monetary errors. This is as a result of they’re transferring area values to a different database and monetary calculator, as a substitute of simply referencing the fields over a safe connection. This will increase the clunkyness in use, and causes all kinds of numbers to be off.

KingFurykiller Report

Dollar General right here. I used to be written up for not working off the clock. My managers boss even knew I acquired wrote up for that s**t and mentioned nothing.

sk8rrchik Report

I labored in a staffing company in a big metropolis. We had a fridge within the workplace full of alcohol. We drank throughout our total afternoon. Mornings have been after we met with purchasers. Afternoons have been job interviews and filling slots. Oh, and the corporate purchased the alcohol. Literally acquired paid to drink.

blessed_her_hard Report

I labored at Great Clips. The stylists are strongly suggested to solely lower a shopper’s hair between 10-Quarter-hour. If the stylist’s common haircut time is greater than 15-17 minutes, they could get talked to by the supervisor about rushing up their companies or written up if it continues to occur.

Stylists additionally receives a commission based mostly on how briskly and what number of purchasers they’ve that day.

If an individual is available in with an extended, tangled rats nest and desires an advanced haircut that takes you an hour to cope with, they’ll f**okay up your timed common for the day and f**okay your pay.

Scissorgenie Report

Worked in a number of chain eating places by means of faculty as a prepare dinner; nothing to report that you simply most likely have not heard already, however I can inform you, many of the stuff you’ve been warned about are true, however the very best factor I can inform you is:

Don’t go to a restaurant inside 30 min or so of its closing time. The cooks have already cleaned in an try to go home– at finest you are getting the scraps left on the counter, at worst, nicely you’ve got pissed off the cooks.

Oh, and I cooked at Hooters. They actually practice the waitresses on learn how to flirt with clients. No, they do not such as you. In reality, should you’re a very odd-looking or annoying buyer, they inform the opposite waitresses about you they usually take a look at you thru the kitchen home windows and mock you.

Tkpf18 Report

I used to work in monetary companies. Agents would promote merchandise based mostly on the fee, and never on how nicely the funding truly carried out. Our customer support division was just about at all times taking calls from individuals who had been deceived about what to anticipate from their funding.

I work for the Post Office now, and I’ll actually say I’ve by no means labored with such hardworking folks earlier than. There are issues with managers anticipating you to get issues executed faster than humanly potential, and loads of our gear is previous and falling aside, however I actually really feel just like the overwhelming majority of my coworkers try to handle our clients and to only get dwelling safely.

marry_me_sarah_palin Report

I labored at Express and Victoria’s Secret for years.

No worker can do something about shoplifters. If you see somebody steal one thing, we have been presupposed to go over and ask in the event that they wanted assist.

You may actually swipe no matter you need, rapidly earlier than they name mall safety, and guide it out of the shop with tons of of {dollars} in merchandise and the staff can’t do something about it, as a result of they don’t need to be sued.

Edit: At the top of shift, which was often round 4am, we, the staff, have been bag checked by the supervisor to make sure we by no means stole something.

Also. The Express Wall of males’s skilled shirts needed to look immaculate earlier than we may finish our shift.

Made me have a complete completely different expertise whereas purchasing in any retailer, and to this present day I put again no matter I can’t afford to purchase the place I grabbed the merchandise, and put it again the place I discovered it, fully out of respect for the staff.

Side notice: While working for Express, they wouldn’t let me depart on Christmas Eve till 6am due to the chaos of earlier within the day.

I additionally discovered I used to be pregnant with my first child and it was a whole shock. My supervisor had zero sympathy to my nauseousness. She truly informed me to make use of “breathing exercises” so I wouldn’t puke on the ground.

I by no means stop a job in my life. But making a scared pregnant girl work till the “Santa Clause” hours of the evening made me understand “These people don’t give a s**t about me as a 6 year employee…” All they care about is having sufficient workers to absorb the exchanges the next day.

If I had a very good expertise and felt like I used to be an exemplary worker, I might’ve gladly proven up the day after Christmas. However, the corporate by no means confirmed me that respect in any respect.

So, completely satisfied vacation returns Express!

difazx4 Report

Worked name centre for Sprint-Nextel. This was earlier than smartphones so tech help and buyer help have been comparatively easy.

Staff turnover was so excessive that you simply could not get fired regardless of how dangerous a CSR you have been. If you turned up on time and sat at your desk the whole shift, no-one gave a s**t.

Sometimes the exorbitant wait instances have been on account of solely having 2 folks on shift for the whole community. Sometimes they have been as a result of CSRs would preserve the road open after a buyer disconnected to keep away from taking one other name.

The safety identification system means jack s**t. If you’ve got ever had an ex, stalker or anybody flip up the place you reside after pondering they could not probably know, blame the lazy CSR who ignored the warning notes and safety protocol and gave all of your info away.

When they are saying they will put you on maintain, however there is no music, you are truly muted and we will hear every part you say.

Customer service, billing and tech help have been all the identical folks. Tech help was a roulette of fine, educated folks.

We used to have entry to clients’ on-line accounts for tech help wants, however we may additionally see any texts or old fashioned MMS messages.

All calls are recorded. All of them. They’re all saved for an indeterminate period of time in case there is a authorized want for it.

Breninnog Report

Car insurance coverage; your credit score rating is a large consider figuring out your charges. People disproportionally suppose it is a rushing ticket of their driving historical past. Sure, it does, however should you wrote two similar insurance policies for similar vehicles with two similar folks in the identical zip code, however an enormous distinction in credit score rating? You’d see fully disproportionate costs. Most brokers do not discuss it and in an even bigger nationwide firms, they will possible mechanically escalate the decision to a specialist.

dbumba Report

AT&Ts customer support name heart is run out of Canada. They made us say we have been within the US so I mentioned I used to be in Detroit as a result of it was throughout the river.

mountainsprouts Report

Companies that cope with business truck driving licenses usually have their drivers fudge the log guide numbers to make it look authorized…..

KapustaVelikiy Report

I labored at an unbiased gymnasium. But at most gyms the enroll “special” is barely there to mark up the perceived worth of the membership. It’s to persuade you to purchase into it with the concept that you’re getting a particular low cost. The actuality is that the unique value doesn’t truly exist and the “deal” or “discount” you get doesn’t truly expire. It’s simply the usual membership charges that everyone is paying!

bttrflyr Report

Champps Restaurants.

The taste within the seasoned bitter cream you possibly can’t determine is curry powder.

Maybe_Black_Mesa Report

Staples (and possibly another shops)

They value match so long as the product is shipped and bought by Amazon. You can get many nice offers at a handy location. Always verify for costs on Amazon as a result of I can assure loads of stuff there may be overpriced.

Dried_Squid_ Report

As per my username used to work for motels (escaped in November of 2018). Sites like Expedia can and do guide extra rooms than the resort bodily has. You need to be certain there might be a mattress for you, guide on the resort’s personal web site.

TremendousHotelEmployee Report

At Anytime Fitness, private trainers are solely requires to get a AMFPT certification (it is principally a mail order diploma) for insurance coverage functions. They also can allow you to out of your membership/private coaching contacts with a number of click on of a mouse with no penalties to you or them ..they simply do not.

[deleted] Report

Used to work at Best Buy. They take a small portion of laptops and do all of the Geek Squad stuff to them, and put them again on the shelf with the brand new value with all of the added junk. If the laptop computer sells quick, guess what’s left over? And they will not give it to you on the marketed value. You needed to pay extra as a result of it had been “optimized”. At least the shop I used to be at would not change the worth if that was all we had.

AlliCakes Report

I labored at domino’s for two years. I can say that they don’t care in case your pizza is ruined or burned or fell on the bottom. On one event a pizza fell prime first on the bottom and my supervisor simply gave it to the client…

berkiboy070 Report

I labored for an organization that’s the largest producer of pharmacy software program within the US. There’s a bunch of beans to spill. I will not title the corporate straight and I’ll say that is all “allegedly” true as a result of I’m about to accuse the corporate of systemic gross legal negligence. Nearly 60% of all sufferers within the US exist in considered one of our programs and also you’re info is 100% for certain compromised. Multiple safety breaches occured throughout my time there each inner and exterior. Despite this and the huge quantity of HIPAA knowledge that was stolen (suppose Equifax ranges of knowledge stolen BUT in addition they stole your bank card numbers and your affected person data) the corporate has not modified their insurance policies in any respect. They haven’t any community safety to talk of and most pharmacies that use the software program are protected by a single 4 character password that is really easy to guess it incessantly is cracked by chance. The firm frequently hires contractors with no background verify and no drug testing. They are instantly, day 1, given full backend entry to all pharmacy programs that use our software program. In order to study the software program they’re taught to create false affected person, physician, and RX data, generally in reside retailer environments with out the shops consent or information. Multiple staff have been caught creating false managed substance scripts in pharmacies within the space then selecting them up after work even going as far as to create faux insurance coverage funds so it appears to be like like the shop is getting paid. Most independantly owned pharmacies make don’t observe precise earnings. I do not perceive how they’re in enterprise. You will get fired if you’ll not help pharmacies utilizing the system to falsify DEA experiences. Pharmacies do that to cover unlawful gross sales of managed substances. The firm is closing in on half a billion {dollars} of wealth. There is systemic racism, homophobia, and sexual assault occurring brazenly. They are about to shut offers with virtually all main pharmacy chains. The CEO actively participates and goes out of his approach to encourage descrimnation of non-Christians within the work place. They mislead their clients always. Those offers with the most important chains embody Wal-Mart and Walgreens. This would put the knowledge of practically 90% of US sufferers right into a system which is (or was once I left) recognized to have lively safety vulnerabilities which have been exploited in a number of recognized hacks with no intention of correcting them. This consists of your social safety and/or DL#. The entirety of the system was held by ransom ware at one level. We informed our clients it was a community outage at our headquarters whereas the CEO acquired collectively $10 million or so to get it again. This was brought on by an worker torrenting porn on his workstation. The worker in query obtained no self-discipline, nonetheless works there, and golfs with the CEO as soon as every week. The CEO has been caught a number of instances in his workplace throughout work hours with a number of secretaries between his knees. I may go on for days about this c**p. If they have been a shopper dealing with firm I’m certain issues could be completely different however they work principally with companies so that they get away with it.

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Not actually that dangerous, however I wish to let folks find out about this: In highschool, I used to be a youth soccer ref. All we did was discuss in regards to the sizzling ladies at our college and ensure no person acquired damage. I might solely name issues that have been a) Too apparent to not name or b) harmful. Nobody cares about that third grader who’s holding on the again finish of the play apart from the dad and mom/coaches who suppose their child is taking part in within the state championship sport. Also, in case your child goes out with a head harm and also you attempt to ship him/her again in a pair performs later, you are a horrible individual.

ClimbGreen Report

Wanted us to report 40 hours on navy contract work despite the fact that a few of us labored way more, so wtg falsifying data to the navy.

GuyanaFlavorAid Report

A sure studying heart principally forces staff to rewrite pupil’s faculty utility essays. They additionally put a non-compete clause of their contract, which whereas legally doubtful, will not be value combating.

LockePhilote Report

From working at McD’s for 4 years.

When you get breakfast we now have a “Substitute” button. You can change any meat for any meat and any eggs for any eggs. Any bread for any bread.

My fav is to get the Big Breakfast with Hotcakes.

Switch the sausage for crispy hen.

Switch the biscuit for a bagel.

Switch the scrambled eggs for egg whites (comes with 2 spherical whites)

It is similar value, the hen and bagel are bigger then sausage and biscuit.

And regulate the way you make your meals.

A giant mac meal and two cheeseburgers is cheaper than a 2 cheeseburger meal and an enormous mac.

Louwye Report

Reformation, their material is ridiculously overpriced. Because they’re advertising and marketing in the direction of the “green gal,” who instantly cares about sustainable clothes, they’ve duped folks into ditching shops like without end 21 as a result of they makes their garments with s**tty, artificial fibers to a model that makes the identical high quality of clothes with renewable materials. Also, it’s a begin up so the shop infrastructure is jacked. Management is younger, protocol is non existent, HR is imaginary and if any of the 20 one thing ladies in administration don’t like a selected Instagram put up of yours you may be fired.

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