“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird

You examine the way in which the US and Europe deal with areas like schooling and well being care, and begin to perceive that regardless that each side of the Atlantic belong to the Western world, life can look fairly completely different relying on which one you are on.

It’s evident with out diving into troublesome social insurance policies, too. Last week, Redditor Jrusj requested different customers: “Americans that visited Europe, what was the biggest shock for you?” and the solutions instantly began pouring in.

As of this text, there are already over 14,000 feedback below Jrusj’s put up, lots of which reveal that the Old Continent can shock even its descendants. Below, you’ll find the preferred solutions, so proceed scrolling and luxuriate in.

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird The age of all of the buildings. Walked right into a pub within the UK with a plaque that learn one thing like “This building was constructed in the year 2 and was used by monks to fend off dinosaurs”. Maybe not the precise phrases, however you get it.

OmniscientSushi , iMattSmart Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I used to be not prepared for what number of overwhelmingly stunning historic buildings and cities I noticed in solely two weeks. I truly couldn’t fathom what I used to be . It was a surreal expertise like I used to be actually in contact with a very completely different period of humanity. There is completely nothing like this in America. It blew me away and made me actually care way more about European historical past, city planning, and structure!

Snowologist , Daniel Klaffke Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird Holidays. Europeans get a lot paid time without work. I’ve gotten into arguments with a few of my American mates as a result of they legitimately consider tons of Europeans decide out of taking their PTO as a result of there’s a lot work to do. I do not purchase that. People would riot. Anywhere I went in late July-August, there have been tons of retailers closed trigger individuals have been spending the month with their households having fun with their time without work.

That and public lavatory stalls going all the way in which all the way down to the ground. Y’all perceive privateness.

Jack_E_Lope , Rui Silvestre Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I went to Scotland. Ran throughout some German vacationer who requested us to translate what the scot was saying. We have been all three talking English. They simply couldn’t perceive one another

ARgirlinaFLworld , john crozier Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird First time in Spain… 22:30… Sun nonetheless out… dad and mom sitting, ingesting, enjoyable whereas children run up n down… felt so fully protected and cozy.

mapplejax , Victoriano Izquierdo Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird In France individuals get two hour lunches. Like some shops could have two separate open and shut occasions trigger they’ll simply shut down for 2 hours a day to take pleasure in themselves. Most individuals appeared a lot happier and relaxed as an entire.

supermariobruhh , Rodrigo Kugnharski Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I heard a narrative of a girl who was dumbfounded that there weren’t going to be hearth works celebrating the 4th of July. Couldn’t conceive the concept that different nations do not have fun America’s independence day

THEICEMAN998 , Andreas Dress Report

I went to Europe I drank all of the booze, ate all of the meals Stayed 2 months and misplaced 20 kilos

Americans aren’t chubby as a result of we’re lazy or gluttons or the rest we’re chubby as a result of we’re being fed s***

BoozeAndTheBlues Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird When I used to be in Rome, people merely walked into crosswalks and autos got here to a whole cease.

I’m from New York. I can jaywalk with the very best of them…however f*ck dude, I’m going to wish my pedestrian crossing alerts! The majority of my trip was spent crossing streets in Rome…it was like enjoying a terrifying recreation of double dutch.

Those drivers, however, are delicate to weak spot.

bonniejfox , Egor Myznik Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird How previous a whole lot of the cities are. People nonetheless residing in buildings older than the U.S. Walking down a few of the previous streets feels such as you’re time touring right into a medieval fairytale.

Adventurous-Canary78 , Fineas Anton Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird You hear about how huge the Roman empire was and all of the superior constructing tech that they had. But it would not actually sink in till you see it with your individual eyes.

blippityblop , Özcan ADIYAMAN Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird The quantity of smoking! I’ve a detailed buddy in Europe, she’s talked in regards to the public transportation and the way in which the cities are laid out to be helpful to strolling and biking. But nothing ready me for the quantity for smoking I noticed after I was in Paris, Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku

Bike_Chain_96 , Andres Siimon Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I’m Dutch, however I’ll always remember my American girlfriend’s response to seeing rows and rows of parked bicycles in entrance of the prepare station when she came visiting the Netherlands. “Oh my God look at all those bikes!!”

Jockelson , Waldemar Brandt Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird Spain: Okay, it is afternoon; it is time to run some errands. It took me every week to be taught that on days 2-5, your entire nation shuts down.

williammkelly , Harrison Fitts Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird You can drink a beer wherever, anytime. I imply I awakened in Berlin and purchased a bottle of beer at a small breakfast stand in a park it was like 6am.

CregSantiago , Brittani Burns Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird Young youngsters have been utilizing public transportation (i.e., metropolis bus, subway)—not escorted by adults—to get to and from faculty moderately than a chosen yellow bus. Where I’m from, public transportation is barely useable by adults a lot much less youngsters.

Independent-Water610 , Viktor Forgacs Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I used to be in Switzerland for a number of days. I felt just like the fattest particular person within the nation at 6’0”, 210 lb. It was additionally wonderful to me that it felt like two completely different nations going from Geneva to Zurich. The language went from French to German with the structure fully completely different between the 2 cities. Absolutely stunning nation.

PUFLY3R , Morgan Thompson Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird How small issues have been like home equipment, paper towels, rest room paper. I actually needed to take that concept dwelling with me. It makes a lot sense.

Also, how conveniently shut retailers have been so we solely drove when visiting different cities. I adore it and I need it!

get-in-the-box , Konstantin Volke Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird My grandma took me again to England on the finish of my eighth grade 12 months to see my nanna in addition to the place she grew up. I nonetheless keep in mind fairly vividly discovering out that there is a very huge distinction between what’s allowed on TV in England and what was allowed on TV within the United States relating to nudity. As a younger boy this was a really thrilling discovery.

Edit: I also needs to add that my total expertise with British tradition had up till this level been via my grandma who was very formal and correct. I performed soccer at an extremely excessive stage within the states so she managed to rearrange a time for me to go play with a neighborhood academy group in Norwich for the afternoon. I’m nonetheless undecided how she managed to do that. I’ll always remember how foul mouthed everybody was – coaches included. This took me solely abruptly. I can even always remember how humbling that have was as a result of I used to be nowhere close to nearly as good as I assumed I used to be. I might maintain my very own, however my goodness I used to be definitely within the backside half of the expertise pool that day.

circa285 , Erik Mclean Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird I used to be shocked how many individuals nonetheless smoke cigarettes and the way frequent it was to have individuals smoking in outside eating places and bars. It has gotten to the purpose you virtually by no means odor cigarette smoke in these locations in many of the USA.

donedoneitonce , Aman Upadhyay Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird Personal bubble may be very completely different. It shocks you at first, and you’re feeling form of claustrophobic, however you then get used to it, too. It’s form of delicate till you come again to the states and unconsciously stand so “close” to another person in a line that they begin capturing you soiled appears.

stink3rbelle , Etty Fidele Report

American residing in Sweden:

Most individuals don’t respect Americans till they meet you and make sure that you simply’re not one among “those” Americans

People drink actually at any probability they get.

Every condo has an electrical tub towel hotter. It’s fairly normal apparently.

Boobs on TV.

The greens are exponentially smaller, bc theyre not genetically modified.

Fruit-flavored sodas are required to have fruit juice in it so the Fanta sodas listed here are extra like a spicy Sunny D

They are hardcore about recycling out right here.

Tipping tradition doesn’t actually exist.

The financial institution isn’t f*cking open.

Ground ground is just not the primary ground. Its the 0 ground.


deadchickenonastick Report

Complete privateness when taking a dump in a public restroom. It was onerous to come back again dwelling simply from that.

Cincybone07 Report

For me, it was how properly I used to be taken care of as an artist. In America, a musician is handled like assist on the bar. You’re paid regardless of the minimal quantity they will probably provide you with is. You would possibly get 2-4 drink tickets. In Europe they revered you, fed you, discovered you locations to sleep. Free drinks. Enough stated.

Snake_Tut Report

Remember within the sopranos, when Tony comes again to jersey from Italy? And the whole lot is ugly? I spent a month in NL and Louisiana seemed so dangerous after I bought again.

jballerina566 Report

I arrived to the Netherlands. Rode about 1.5 hrs price of trains from Amsterdam to my vacation spot. When we hit my last vacation spot, a girl in her late 50s (eyeballing right here, so 5 or take) is in entrance of me. She has a protracted black material case strapped to her again that appears prefer it might need a guitar or equally formed object.

No. It was a longboard. She pulls it out and skates off into the gap. I’m flustered and simply stood there for a minute pondering via what I simply noticed.

xLangatanGx Report

How well mannered everybody was. How recent the meals was from eating places. The simplicity of fruit stands/markets. How simple it was to get round by prepare (backpacked Europe for a month in 2017: england, France, Italy, Switzerland) edit- I stay in South Florida. What is a prepare?

ITeachAll Report

Europeans gown up for the day. Y’all don’t put on athletic shorts and tennis sneakers. Like simply going to the shop, ya gotta gown up respectable sufficient

Amateur_Paperboy_30 Report

Cashiers in grocery shops sat in chairs as they rang up my yummy non-gmo cheese and bread. They additionally didn’t really feel any job strain to talk or smile or act like your greatest buddy. They simply labored and DGAF. It was wonderful!

iheartstjohns Report

How significantly better all of the meals was. Everything was recent, created from minimal elements, and most of it was grown domestically. (Going from US to France) I additionally misplaced about 15 kilos regardless that I finished exercising in a fitness center. Also my pores and skin and hair seemed higher than ever. I feel preservatives and excessive fructose corn syrup would possibly truly be dangerous for you.

dreameRevolution Report

Italy-The abundance of cheap and excellent purple and white wines. Amazing!

Amsterdam-most issues are designed to be sensible. The individuals are well mannered and sensible as properly. No massive, fancy vehicles.

Both places-the indisputable fact that I might bounce on a prepare and get to most locations in Europe was actually cool.

somafm_addict Report

Okay that is dumb however within the states I at all times get my cappuccino with cinnamon as a result of it is superb and naturally I at all times should ask as a result of that is not the usual.

A few years in the past I used to be in Stockholm Sweden and requested for a cap with cinnamon and the woman checked out me like I used to be loopy…. Because apparently that was normal and she or he did not perceive why I used to be asking for one thing it already had. The remainder of the journey I by no means requested and I at all times obtained. Not certain if that is simply their conventional tackle cappuccinos or if I simply bought fortunate each time however I feel I discovered my individuals.

Conscious_Camel4830 Report

This might sound bizarre, however how a lot they ate. Americans are the fats ones who eat an excessive amount of so the stereotype goes however I took a semester in rural Germany in center faculty— breakfast, morning break snack, lunch, afternoon break snack, snacks on the town after faculty let loose, dinner while you bought dwelling and infrequently this late evening meal when my host dad and mom bought dwelling, and so on. Don’t get me incorrect, all of it was extra recent and 10x higher than the literal plastic Americans suppose is OK to eat on a standard foundation, however I used to be consistently full for like the primary week as a result of I used to be too awkward to not eat the snacks my host mother had packed. Eventually ended up refusing issues, and my host sister thought I used to be sick as a result of I wasn’t consuming each time the group was or one thing. Ironically I truly misplaced weight through the journey, in all probability as a result of the meals is simply usually higher for you. We did stay on a farm too so it was insanely recent.

ThatNoNameWriter Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird In Italy the bathe at one among my lodges had no obstacles to maintain the water in a single common space. It was only a drain within the ground. Luckily it was simply that one and it was positively an older lodge.

Also I used to be actually shocked that the value was precisely what the value tag stated. I really like that the tax is rolled in, particularly whereas I discovered the forex.

LadyAppleman , Jakayla Toney Report

“America vs. Europe”: 67 Things Common In Europe That Americans Find Very Weird How the whole lot is much less sugary/candy.

How individuals simply stroll away from minor car bumps/scrapes. In the US they’d pull over and at minimal trade information, if not name the police.

In France, the dearth of informal put on in public(like tshirts, sportswear).

How eating places aren’t about pumping individuals out and in and nobody is basically in a rush (Paris)

Much smaller measurement autos. Go to a typical car parking zone in America and >50% will likely be suv or vehicles. I barely noticed any suv/vehicles in London or Paris.

Styphonthal2 · , Jia Report

I lived in Europe for five years (2011-2016), particularly in Amsterdam. There have been a whole lot of attention-grabbing little cultural quirks, after all, however there was just one factor I noticed whereas residing there that actually made me slam on my bicycle breaks and return to see if I noticed it proper, which was of all issues a Sesame Street Live poster.

You see, seems Big Bird (or his equal) within the Netherlands and several other different nations is blue. The Dutch will insist that it is truly Big Bird’s cousin, Pino, however I wasn’t fooled. You know he simply escaped to the Netherlands to hunt an alternate way of life.

So yeah I’m certain OP needed one thing extra critical and profound, however that was the most important shock for certain as a result of who expects that?!

Andromeda321 Report

Europe is lot higher in Public Transportation, numerous Buses, trams.

SuvenPan Report

History. I adopted a tour of American vacationers into the church in downtown. Question will get requested: Is this the oldest church on the town? Heard reply:

(Chuckle) Oh no, the previous church is on the North facet of the river. This church was inbuilt 1310.

Just a unique perspective on historical past.

diogenes_shadow Report

Just spent my first week in Europe final week. Walking was superior. Bikes have been awsome.. so many various languages, unpasteurized meals and really match individuals

whitesox331 Report

Those statues on the streets of London that folks stroll by and don’t even spare a single look? They’ve bought an extended historical past than the United States

TWA-LDR Report

How good the meals was – going to Italy ruined pizza for me for a few years, it nonetheless is just not the identical; even the genuine pizza right here doesn’t style practically nearly as good due to the widely poor high quality of elements right here within the states in comparison with in Europe.

On the opposite hand, I used to be shocked I virtually chipped a tooth on genuine French Bread, fairly certain it scuffed up my gums too – I don’t know if they only gave us stale bread as a result of we have been Americans, however all of our bread was actually inedible and onerous as a rock.

Deathmask97 Report

Boobies on billboards. When I used to be round 4 or 5 again within the early eighties I lived in Germany. We have been driving down the road someday and I used to be extraordinarily shocked and embarrassed to see informal nudity in public. Now that I’m older, I understand America has some prudish sensibilities. lol

7Fukura6 Report

Using the restroom whereas a girl cleaned the urinal subsequent to me..

somf4eva Report

I’ve lived in Europe for many of the final 20 years…after I first moved right here the principle issues have been:

the standard and effectivity of public transportation. Where I’m from (Oklahoma City) there may be virtually no public transportation.

The indisputable fact that typically while you go to the physician they mainly simply let you know, “yeah, you’re sick. You need to go home, drink lots of fluids, and rest.” In the US it appeared like no matter what the ailment was you have been gonna get a prescription for one thing.

In my expertise, individuals right here talk way more immediately and if you’re not used to it, it may appear impolite.

The lack of a copay for issues like physician’s visits, bodily remedy, and so on. together with a worth cap on pharmaceuticals.

The perspective towards customer support. “back home” within the US I used to be a customer support supervisor at a retail chain in faculty. The normal follow was that if somebody complained, no matter how ridiculous the criticism was, we simply gave them a coupon for 10% off or one thing. Here, if you’re sad with the service at a retailer and ask to talk to the supervisor, the supervisor might be simply going to let you know to “go shop somewhere else if you don’t like it here.”

mejok Report

Not a shock per se, however one thing of a right away reorienting of perspective when it comes to historical past and the way younger the US actually is. We have cool historic websites and artifacts, nevertheless it’s bizarre to abruptly be confronted with the fact that for as historic as Ben Franklin and the freedom bell have been/are, they’re borderline childish on a worldwide historic scale.

I particularly keep in mind being at a church in Italy, studying about its historical past and initially felt a bit deflated when a sentence started “this is not the original church, the original burned down and was rebuilt on the same site…” and pondering ah bummer, so that is the knockoff reproduction, not the true factor— after which attending to the top of the sentence “…in the 12th century.” The “knockoff replica” is 600 years older than the Liberty Bell.

Mersentryce Report

The quantity of informal nudity on TV. I needed to chuckle in any respect the bare breasts regularly seen. Europeans are simply more healthy of their views of sexuality and nudity. We Americans are ridiculous prudes by comparability.

Oh and Belgian chocolate is healthier than intercourse. Often.

Ragtimedude77 Report

The infrastructure there continued evolving and is “modern”. It actually takes leaving to grasp how the United States has barely finished something to make transportation or infrastructure higher for the reason that 70s. It’s like we’re nonetheless residing up to now.

Counterboudd Report

I at all times neglect {the electrical} shops aren’t the identical. I went to Ireland as soon as, then needed to get a unique one for France. I feel the 2 I’ve cowl all of the varieties now although

JonnySnowflake Report

Two issues:

German Taxis use massive Mercedes Benz to get round.

Topless ladies in French shampoo commercials.

Orvan-Rabbit Report

The issue of discovering a public rest room, after which having to pay to make use of it.

I went to Rome in September. Walked miles and miles checking issues out, ingesting tons of water to remain hydrated, and never a rest room to be discovered.

CustosClavium Report

Ground ground is 0. The one above it’s ground 1. The one beneath it’s ground -1. Because, math

kindle139 Report

The structure. Just wonderful. I knew,, however I by no means actually understood how younger the US is

devils_1991 Report

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