Artist Creates Funny And Silly Comics Illustrating Random Happenings In Life Or An Imaginary World (24 New Pics)

Blanche is a Canadian-based artist whose sense of humor is undeniably out of this world. She likes to laugh and LOVES to create comics that might make others chuckle as well.

Having graduated with a Bachelor’s in comic arts at the Université du Québec en Outaouais (UQO), the artist creates funny drawings illustrating random happenings in life or an imaginary world full of mermaids and other creatures.

Blanche mentioned that for her, making comics is just so much fun. “It’s such a versatile type of art. They also touch on a few other types of art that I like, for example, cinema or animated movies. Comics are basically a movie that you read, there are frames and points of view, characters, narratives, scenarios, dramas, comedy, horror, beauty and the list goes on. I just love it.” We hope you will love them too!

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More info: Instagram | blanchedraws.bigcartel.com | twitch.tv | reddit.com | Facebook

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