Bill Barr Scoffs At Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules Film

During Bill Barr’s videotaped testimony earlier than the January sixth Select Committee, the previous Attorney General advised Trump there was categorically no proof of voter fraud, and laughed out loud when he was requested in regards to the lies outlined within the film, 2000 Mules.

Since the pardoned felon Dinesh D’Souza’s newest was launched, Trump and MAGA have been proclaiming it confirmed actual proof of voter fraud, despite the fact that each truth checker denounced its conclusions.

“And I haven’t seen anything since the election that changes my mind on that — including the 2000 Mules movie,” Barr stated.

The former AG then burst out into laughter.

Barr was then requested to elaborate on the movie’s supposed conclusions since “people were talking about it.”

I simply assume the GBI was unimpressed with it, and I used to be equally unimpressed with it, as a result of –I used to be holding my fireplace on that to see what the photographic proof was, as a result of I believed nicely, hell, if they’ve a number of images of the identical particular person dumping a number of ballots in numerous packing containers, that is onerous to elucidate.

So I wished to see what the photographic proof was, however the cellular phone information is singularly unimpressive. If you’re taking 2 million cell telephones and determine the place they’re bodily in an enormous metropolis like Atlanta or wherever, simply by definition you are going to discover many tons of of them have handed by and hung out within the neighborhood of those packing containers, and the premise that in the event you go purchase 5 packing containers or no matter it was, you realize, that that is a mule — It’s simply indefensible.

By definition, you are going to have quite a bit — tons of of this. I noticed one contractor stated we found out that our truck alone would account for six cellular phone alerts. This was some sort of contractor.and our route would take us by these items regularly. however then when the film got here out, I feel the photographic proof in it was fully lack — I imply, there was somewhat little bit of it, nevertheless it was missing, you realize?

It did not set up widespread unlawful harvesting. The different factor is folks do not perceive, is that it is not clear that even in the event you can present harvesting, that adjustments the outcomes of the election. Courts should not going to throw out votes after which determine what votes had been harvested and throw them out.

The burden is on the difficult celebration to point out that unlawful votes had been solid. Votes had been the results of undue affect or bribes, or there was actually, the particular person was non compos mentis.

I did not see courts throwing out votes anyway. I felt that earlier than the the election it was potential to speak sense to the president, and whilst you generally needed to interact in large wrestling match with him, that it was potential to maintain issues on observe, however i used to be — I felt that after the election he did not appear to be listening, and that i did not assume it was — you realize, that I used to be inclined to not keep round if he wasn’t listening to recommendation from me or his different cupboard secretaries.

I’d say laughing out loud on the film is all of the fact-checking one wants.

Dinesh responded the best way I figured he would.


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