Bring light with Indigo Living’s Blossom Tealight Holders

If you’re thinking of elevating your workday space, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome. Nice Things is a collection of homewares, furniture and décor pieces that’ll take your home one step closer to looking like that double-page interior design spread you’ve pinned on your moodboard. This edition: Golden tealight holders to bring some festive cheer.

I’m a human magpie and I love all things gold. If there’s one other thing I love almost equally as much, it would be candles. Big, small, scented and tall — I want them all. We have a dedicated candle drawer in our apartment that’s been filling up fast and I still want more. It’s an addiction! Help! Help by… gifting me more. Thank you.

Another fun fact about me? One of my favourite movie scenes of all time is the lantern scene in Disney’s Tangled. The golden glow, the backdrop of the castle, the romantic little boat on the river. Cue the waterworks — I see the light!  

Now, why did I bring this scene up you might ask? Well, feast your eyes upon these blossom tealight holders from Indigo Living’s festive collection that immediately reminded me of that most romantic scene. Just look at them — golden and glorious, and available in two sizes. The perfect complement to jazz up any desk or countertop. Not into candles? Use it as a jewellery holder. A snack bowl. A cap for your cat. That’s the beauty of imagination, baby. ‘Tis the season!

Indigo Living, various locations including: 221-224 Landmark Prince’s Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, +852 2801 5512.

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