Centre Wellington council has no objections to new internet tower

Xplornet Communications proposed a telecommunications tower just south of Alma at 6949 Wellington Road 7

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Council has no objections to the proposed Xplornet Communications telecommunications tower just south of Alma at 6949 Wellington Road 7. 

Evan Turunen, a representative for Xplornet Communications, presented the proposal at Monday’s council meeting, noting that the tower will bring improved internet and home phone services to the community as part of our mission to make affordable, robust wireless broadband high-speed internet services available to every Canadian home and business. 

Xplornet will offer speeds of up to 50 megabytes per second download and up to 10 megabytes per second upload. 

The tower will be a 45-metre self support design, with a 15 metres by 15 metres compound and a 2.1 metres by 3.4 metres equipment shelter at the base of the tower. 

“The location will approximately be 700 metres north of Wellington Road 7 and Sideroad 5. The tower will be away from existing structures and will use the existing entrance off of Wellington Road 7,” said Turunen. 

According to his report to Centre Wellington council, no comments or objections to the tower were received within a 30 day notice period. 

Only Coun. Bob Foster asked whether the tower will increase cell phone coverage or just internet coverage. 

“It’s primarily an internet tower for Xplornet services, so all Xplornet customers should expect to see improved services within its range. Xplornet does not provide any cell phone services directly; any of the cell carriers can apply to co-locate their antennas to the tower to expand or increase their service. As per industry Canada regulations, all towers need to entertain any co-location applications,” said Turunen. 

Council unanimously received and approved the telecommunications tower proposal.

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