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Raymond Benzinger

Harpers Ferry

In the March 19, 2022 version of the Journal you printed my letter mentioning that columnist Star Parker had relied upon “facts” that had been unfaithful and never even legitimate assist for her opinions. Apparently, Adriana Cohen didn’t heed the message; her column within the March 22, 2022 version of the Journal wandered away from the reality to make her column’s level.

The column complains that the Keystone XL Pipeline cancellation, together with “excessive” regulation, “hamstrung” the U.S. fossil gasoline business and bans on new drilling, all mixed to lead to nice hurt. The factual errors in that exhortation of frustration abound. I cannot repeat right here my feedback in my March 19 letter on the XL Pipeline, besides to remind that the Keystone XL plan would have had no impression on the present home gasoline scarcity scenario, it have to be identified that the “new drilling ban” remark was grossly deceptive and ignored the truth that some one thousand drilling permits had been issued however the permittees weren’t drilling.

I might have most likely ignored these misstatements of reality concerning the oil disaster if it weren’t for the lie contained in a later a part of Ms. Cohen’s rant. She states that “innocent children are being indoctrinated with critical race theory in our public school system.” This is palpably and completely unfaithful! Despite perpetually current allegations of this sort, there may be completely no proof that important race concept has ever been taught in any public faculty system wherever within the United States. The assertion doesn’t turn into true solely by being continuously repeated in columns and speeches. Remarkably, the authors of the columns and speeches by no means trouble to answer the denials by providing even a scintilla of proof to assist the assertion. The allegation stays completely void of any factual assist.

Ms. Cohen doesn’t cease there. In this single column, she persists her rant so as to add nonetheless one other grievance. She assaults the vaccine mandates within the Covid-19 disaster, asserting an assault on private liberties. I’m prepared to guess that Ms. Cohen, if she went to a public faculty as a baby, acquired a smallpox vaccination earlier than she was permitted to attend. And polio was nearly erased from the United States when the vaccine created by Dr. Jonas Salk was developed in Pittsburgh within the 1950’s. No one complained about that vaccine; most had been grateful.

Lastly, Ms. Cohen’s positions are weakened by her resort to name-calling her villain in rant. No one ought to get away with referring to the President of the United States as “Sleepy Joe”! If you don’t respect the person, not less than respect the workplace. For Shame!

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