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Regina Hendrix

Charles Town

Aren’t USA residents uninterested in listening to concerning the invasion on our southern border? We’ve been wrongly inserting the blame on our presidents whereas the fault lies with our dysfunctional legislative department and their failure to enact laws to remedy this drawback. Potential authorized immigrants and asylum seekers ought to NOT be coming to our southern border to use. They want to use on the American embassy of their house nation and wait there whereas their case is being processed. The case critiques and hearings needs to be carried out in our native embassies.

The failure of our dysfunctional legislative department has for years induced untold hurt to this nation. (Just like our British topics did within the the 1770’s, why not keep in your nation of delivery and repair your issues?) By permitting candidates to return to the border after which be admitted, we’re doing untold hurt in our nation and people nations south of our border. Why should we proceed to encourage folks to simply run to our southern border and invade our nation? Commonsense ought to inform us we don’t assist anybody by encouraging potential immigrants to run to our border as a substitute of working to alter issues of their house nation. We should insist that our Congress do their job.

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