David BenDavid Opens Up About Sprayground’s Chocolate Bag Collaboration With Hershey’s

Sprayground partnered with Hershey’s, launching a chocolatey collaboration for its stylishly designed backpacks, equipment and attire. The Hershey’s Shark Bite backpack satisfies each the candy tooth and the style connoisseur, and dropped right this moment.

The backpack is a chocolate sensation that features an augmented-reality Hershey’s bar, with a 4D large chew on the aspect of it- an iconic contact seen on Sprayground’s shark-bite bag. “When you get that rush for chocolate you know you just want to tear open that wrapper and take a big bite out that chocolate! I create bags with expression and emotions and I needed a design that would portray that so I thought, heck, why not, let’s just take a bite out of the bag,” says Sprayground founder David BenDavid.

BenDavid is understood for is exclusive collaborations with Marvel, Nickelodeon, Star Wars, and notable male celebrities like Spike Lee and Shaquille O’Neal- and Queens-based dressmaker Laquan Smith. “We feel extremely proud of all the amazing collaborations we have done, they are all special to us and we work super hard to create the most innovative pieces that push boundaries in each collaboration,” states BenDavid.

“For us, collaborations need to feel organic. We don’t like to force things, so when we connect with an artist or brand, we make sure that they align with our values and beliefs; that is fundamental because it makes the whole creative process run smoothly, and the final product is an expression of that, a mosaic of collective creativity in the form of a backpack, apparel, travel bags, etc! Fans know that when we announce a new collaboration, it’s gonna be better than anything they have seen before, we like to raise the bar in every collection we drop.”

And fortunately Hershey’s and Sprayground’s values align so it was a no brainer for the 2 firms to associate. Luckily for Sprayground Hershey’s advertising group was a fan of the streetwear model already.

“They reached out to see if we would be open to creating a co-branded backpack- something fun and edgy! I was into it because I crave Hershey’s chocolate organically and I love that Hershey’s founded and still operates a school for orphans called Milton Hershey School,” explains BenDavid. “So, when me and my team connected with them, we immediately started brainstorming ideas. We created tons of sketches and prototypes, the whole team worked very hard because we wanted to make something that was never seen before and would shock people, and the final result is just breathtaking! Both Sprayground and Hershey’s fans are loving it and we couldn’t be happier!”

“Expanding Hershey’s beyond the candy aisle and into fashion creates an unique opportunity to connect chocolate lovers and fashion seekers nationwide,” mentioned Ernie Savo, Senior Director, Licensing The Hershey Company in an announcement. “Partnering with David and the team at Sprayground to create a mouth-watering, *almost* edible Hershey’s backpack confirms that this will be a must-have accessory of the summer.”

In Sprayground’s luggage you discover performance with locations for USB sticks, wires, cables, and a laptop computer. And this Hershey’s bag has greater than sufficient compartments to your Hershey’s chocolate bars. The luggage are additionally sustainable and trendy for women and men. But this was at all times BenDavid’s imaginative and prescient.

“My core focus has always been turning the mundane into the insane. I remember before I started the brand, the bag market was boring and everything looked the same, and that’s when I realized I could turn my ideas and art into something that would change fashion forever. I’m very proud to say that Sprayground is a pioneer within the world of fashion and streetwear, but we don’t want to stop there; we have a lot of big surprises in the works that I am excited to share to the world,” he beams.

And whereas the pandemic has been brutal on the world and brutal to the style trade BenDavid has discovered positives from the previous couple of years. “I always try to find the silver lining in every situation, and for me, that silver lining is being able to spend time with my family and learn new things while working from home,” he muses. “It’s incredible how technology has enabled us to work from anywhere on the globe. When COVID first started, we knew we had to be quick and innovative, so my team and I worked tirelessly to launch a line of face masks, which were a huge success. We also released a collection with over 150 unique designs, one of our largest drops to date, and everything sold out in minutes. I’m a firm believer that pressure under the right conditions can turn ideas into diamonds, and we feel mega blessed that our team was able to adapt quickly and while continuing doing what we love.”

You can buy the Hershey’s Sprayground backpack at, and at unique boutiques within the US, together with Hershey’s Chocolate World. As for BenDavid, he notes: “we are currently working on a book showcasing our 11 years in design and fashion, so stay tuned!”

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