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Charles Edgar

Charles Town

We have all heard repeatedly, politicians and others say he/she is “personally opposed to abortion”; but, that he/she couldn’t impose this belief on others. In our present dilemma concerning the children entering our borders, I really question the sincerity of certain Democrats, male and female, decrying the outrage of not “accepting these children.”

In the first example, it is hard for me to imagine a more cowardly statement. The primary reason someone would be opposed to abortion lies in the belief that it takes a human life. Another concern could be for the women who are injured, even killed, in America’s legal abortion clinics.

In the second example, how can politicians or anyone decry the neglect of the children from other countries, and at the same time, allow the killing our own.

In either event, the person is willing to look the other way while abortion continues. I really hope that American society hasn’t yet fallen so low that statements like those above pass for political leadership. Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, or Winston Churchill saying they wouldn’t stop someone from committing murder, as long as the person who did it said it wasn’t murder?

The real question is: What will the long-term consequences be for a society that elects leaders who say they wouldn’t do anything to stop what they admit is wrong? That doesn’t fit any definition of courage or leadership I know. It’s certainly not the kind of political and personal courage this country was founded upon. In reality, it’s just your standard, garden-variety political cowardice.

During the Second World War, Oskar Schindler risked everything-his reputation, his business, his life- to rescue Jews because he was opposed to what his countrymen were doing. He pretended that he approved of dehumanizing the Jews in order to divert attention

from the fact that he was saving them. People who claim the “personally opposed…but” mantra do the opposite. They pretend to disapprove of what their countrymen are doing, in order to let them continue to do it. If Oskar Schindler was a hero, what does that make these folks?

Have the “personally opposed pro-choicers” ever sit down and really think about whether they have the right to look the other way while their fellow human beings are killed? Do they have the right to go about their business while their youngest brothers and sisters are brutally torn limb from limb? Do they really have the right to allow such barbarity against others?

When it comes to abortion, the question is not whether others have the right to step in. It is whether they have the right to “remain silent” while the killing continues.

You who read these lines, how vocal are you? What do you do in your everyday life to defend the “right to life” of these innocent babies? If you are a Christian, you are called to do what you can to defend innocent life, that of your brothers and sisters in Christ.

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