Does the Predator win or die in Prey?

When it comes to icons of sci-fi and horror, few foreboding figures remain quite so recognisable and cool as the Predator.

The alien character made a colossal impression on audiences back in 1987 when it debuted in John McTiernan’s Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. It remains a monumental action picture of the 1980s and, as you know, it launched a franchise.

Since then, we have seen the fearsome creature utilise advanced gadgets in Predator 2, the Alien vs Predator movies, Predators, and more recently Shane Black’s The Predator.

Now, director Dan Trachtenberg (10 Cloverfield Lane) has taken the franchise back to its roots. Prey was released on Hulu and Disney+ on Friday, August 5th and is a prequel, taking place in 1719 and focusing on Naru (played by Amber Midthunder), a Comanche warrior who wants to prove herself as a hunter to the rest of her tribe.

When an alien threat lands on earth, she is forced to face off against an opponent like no other. So, let’s consider the outcome. Does the Predator die or does it win?


Prey | cr. 20th Century Studios

Does the Predator win or die in Prey?

The Predator dies at the end of Prey and is killed by Naru.

She encounters the alien numerous times throughout the film as it faces off against bears, wolves, snakes, and a number of humans. However, the Predator doesn’t kill Naru as it doesn’t consider her a threat.

Naru eventually realizes this and tells herself that the Predator’s underestimation of her is essentially her greatest weapon. Her greatest strength when it comes to defeating the enemy.

Her hatred for the high-tech weaponry-wielding foe intensifies when it kills her brother. So, she hatches a plan and cunningly steals the Predator’s mask, which boasts technology allowing it to aim weapons at a target with extreme precision.

This brings us to the final showdown. She lures the creature to the mud pits that she almost died sinking in earlier in the film but it manages to rise from them to aim and fire at her. However, it turns out this was all part of her plan. She has the Predator’s mask pointed at the alien, so when it shoots at her the weapon is actually aimed at the Predator, killing it.

Prey concludes with Naru returning to her tribe with the Predator’s severed head.

‘That was challenging’

Director Dan Trachtenberg recently sat down with Collider and was asked how Prey is different and similar to its predecessors:

“It was very tricky to find a way to have the Predator feel, at once, 300 years earlier in iteration and in what it has to wield, but also feel still feel far more advanced than what our characters are used to and have ever dealt with before. That way, it really can feel like this David and Goliath grudge match unfolding.”

He continued: “That was challenging. Some things in the trailer are teased, and I’m excited for people to watch some familiar gadgets and some familiar weapons in the arsenal, but also a lot of new things that I think are super cool and that I hope people will enjoy.”

Prey | Official Trailer



Prey | Official Trailer





Predator movies ranked

Now that we have Prey, let’s offer a personal ranking of the franchise so far from best to worst. Of course, it’s all down to personal taste, but here goes:

  • Prey (2022)
  • Predator (1987)
  • Predators (2010)
  • Alien vs Predator (2004)
  • Predator 2 (1990)
  • Alien vs Predator: Requiem (2007)
  • The Predator (2018)

Prey is streaming exclusively on Hulu and Disney+.

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