Dominique Ansel And Baileys Want To Take Your Holiday Hot Chocolate To The Next Level

There are many things to look forward to during the holidays, but one is downtime around the house when you can add a nip of Baileys to your coffee or hot chocolate.

But if you really want to wow your family, get an assist from famed baker and Cronut inventor Dominique Ansel who partnered with the Irish Cream maker to create a Baileys Swirl Holiday Hot Chocolate Kit. 

The kit comes with chocolate ganache and a non-alcoholic Baileys ganache which is infused with the flavor of Baileys Irish Cream. The kit also has two very nice Bodum mugs, a mini whisk mug tags, and two pastry bags. 

I got to see Ansel himself show how easy it is to make. He warmed up the ganache with milk (he makes his super liquid chocolate thick while I recreate it with a lot more milk) and then whisked in the Baileys ganache into cream that had been whipped into soft peaks. After ladling in the hot chocolate, he floats the cream and Baileys mixture on top, creating a layered effect. 

Kids can join in for the final step: decorating. A bit of chocolate ganache and Baileys ganache go into two separate piping bags. Using both colors, make a star pattern, and swirl the glasses to create a swirl effect, or get creative and pipe out a holiday design.

Ansel said the liqueur, which is made from dairy cream, Irish whiskey, chocolate, vanilla and other flavors, is an ideal compliment to chocolate because it doesn’t mask the richness.

“Baileys has a subtle vanilla flavor, and there’s a warm floral character to the whiskey as well – to me, it’s almost coffee-like with those smooth creamy notes,” he said. “It’s absolutely meant for chocolate.”

The kit doesn’t come with Baileys — but is definitely better if you snag a bottle and spike it.

The kit ($45) is available in at Dominique Ansel Bakery and Dominique Ansel Workshop in New York City, as well as online for nationwide shipping. It makes five 10-ounce servings for those who like their hot chocolate very rich, and a bit more for those of us who like it a bit milder. If you want to see Ansel in action and get his tips, you can scan a QR code that comes with the kit and watch him demonstrate how to make it.

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