E-15 gas may decrease fuel costs

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MADISON, Wis. – Rising oil costs, sanctions attributable to the warfare in Ukraine and post-pandemic journey have precipitated fuel costs to skyrocket, but specialists like Andrea Strzelec with the UW-Madison College of Engineering say that permitting E-15 fuel to be bought this summer time could change that.

“E-15 is still gas… it’s gasoline that has 15% ethanol by volume mixed into it,” stated Strzelec.

Because of its excessive ethanol and octane ranges, E-15 helps fight varied issues.

 “So, benefits in performance, benefits in greenhouse gas emissions, and some fuel economy benefits in your engine as well,” stated Strzelec. “A gallon of ethanol is about 80 cents cheaper than a gallon of gas right now.”

E-15, nonetheless, is generally banned throughout the summer time months.

“But, typically the reason we don’t use higher blends of ethanol in the summer is because ethanol has a lot of evaporative emissions associated with it,” stated Strzelec.

But in response to trade specialists, E-15 is the subsequent step in reducing the worth on the pump.

“If we run into problems with developing the infrastructure for electric charging stations, we need to have a backup plan.”

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