England stars Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow harassed by Sydney fans’ rude jibes

A crowd video has revealed unnecessary taunts directed at England stars Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow as they made their way to the Members Pavilion dressing room during the tea break today.

Footage sent to the Sydney Morning Herald by a witness shows the batting duo being vilified for their physique and weight by at least one spectator.

From within the neighbouring Noble Stand, sledges aimed at the pair can be heard.

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“Stokes, you’re fat,” the newspaper reported one person as saying.

“Take your jumper off, Bairstow, lose some weight Bairstow,” was also overheard.

Leading up the stairs, Stokes did not react to the abuse directed at him but stopped in his tracks and glared towards the crowd after the remarks aimed at his teammate.

Bairstow then yelled an irked reply to his abuser.

“That’s right. Just turn around and walk away. Weak as p—,” he can be heard saying.

Speaking after play, Bairstow said it was needless for viewers to personally attack the visiting players.

“It was just a bit of bad-mouthing from the crowd, it’s not the greatest and it’s not needed,” he said.

“We’re out there trying to do our jobs, people are out there enjoying the day’s cricket. Unfortunately, sometimes you have people who overstep the mark.

“I think it’s important to stand up for ourselves because if we’re not standing up for ourselves as well then we can cop it, especially when people overstep the mark they need to be told.”

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Bairstow had the last laugh, battling through to record England’s first century of this Ashes series. Though the spectators who taunted him would not have seen his milestone after being directed to leave the SCG prematurely.

“It’d have been nicer if they were there giving it when we walked off at the end, wouldn’t it?” Bairstow said.

“Unfortunately, they weren’t there at the end, they missed the end of a fantastic day of Test cricket.”

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