Fox News Host Absolves Buffalo Shooter, Blames Youth And Psychological Sickness

Buffalo, NY’s City Council president, Darius Pridgen spoke to Fox News’ Jon Scott in regards to the horrific hate crime that took the lives of ten folks this afternoon. He tried to gaslight Pridgen into letting this murdering white supremacist 18-year-old man off the hook with speak of “youth” and “forgiveness.” Let me inform you, Scott had no concept who he was coping with.

Pridgen informed him, “I was glad to hear the DA say he was about to be arraigned. He needs to be arraigned. And after we come to grips with what we are dealing with, then we can talk about forgiveness. Right now, we need to talk about justice.”

Why, earlier than the our bodies are even chilly, are folks on Fox News making an attempt to even broach the subject of forgiveness with Buffalo’s metropolis council president? How dare Jon Scott even GO there? You know why. These white supremacists at Fox are fearful of Black folks reaching equality and fairness, so think about how pants-sh*ttingly panicked they’re on the chance that Black people would possibly need justice, or god forbid, vengeance for the ten lives this man simply snuffed out?

So to attempt to absolve this monster they’ve created and set free on the earth of any consequence, Scott tried the following tactic wingers at all times like to make use of when there is a mass taking pictures.

“What about mental illness? You know, the brains of 18-year-old males, especially, are not fully formed. Is there a possibility that there was some kind of mental illness that triggered this?”

Wait only a minute. At 17, Kyle Rittenhouse’s mind was totally fashioned sufficient to be hailed as a MAGA HERO all over the place on Fox when he had his MOMMY drive him throughout state strains the place a cousin had purchased him a gun he wasn’t legally allowed to purchase himself, and when he killed two folks protesting the homicide of George Floyd by a white supremacist police officer. No one tried to name HIM mentally in poor health, or made excuses for his youth…they shoved him in our faces as a goddamned vigilante savior!

And whereas we all know in right-wing media world, details do not matter, right here they do, and the actual fact is, folks with psychological sickness are ten instances extra prone to be the sufferer of a violent crime, moderately than the perpetrator. Yet go on, Jon Scott, attempt to wash your fingers of the white supremacist monsters you assist churn out by blaming their actions on psychological sickness.

Mr. Pridgen wasn’t shopping for this load of absolute horsesh*t, both, and he laid down this devastating sermon in response to Scott’s insulting, gaslighting line of questions:

“Well, here’s the crazy part. Tomorrow, I’m preaching about mental illness and murder, with Cain and Abel. But although his brain may not have been fully formed, and at 18, his brain was fully formed enough to pick up a weapon and drive to Buffalo, his brain was fully formed enough to put his finger on a trigger, his brain was fully formed enough to point at people, at women, at anybody who was in his path. His brain was fully formed. and if it hadn’t been fully formed, hopefully it will be fully formed by the time he gets out of jail, IF he gets out of jail. Because at the end of the day, 18 is fully formed enough to know better.”

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