GOT7’s BamBam apologizes over IG photo of him in Russia following Twitter backlash

An IG post of GOT7 star BamBam where he shared old travel photos of Russia has caused a stir on Twitter, followed by the Thai K-pop artist apologizing to fans.

While fans of Ribbon star have lined up for the star saying there is nothing wrong with sharing old travel photos, some users have found the images and the timing of the post sensitive asking him to apologize.

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GOT7 BamBam apologizes after sharing old travel photos from Russia on IG

BamBam had shared a series of nostalgic travel photos on Instagram with his 16.7 million on August 5th where he is seen taking pictures on his camera and wandering around.

Shortly after the photos surfaced on BamBam’s IG, some Twitter users pointed out that the photos can be a sensitive topic for fans especially the ones in Ukraine.

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Later, Bambam noticed the posts on Twitter and apologized to fans saying, “if I upset some of u guys I want to apologize but…you guys should know in that post is alot of photos from different countries y’all come attack me like that do you think is a right thing to do?”

In another tweet, BamBam said, “now I can’t even think about my old memories now, thank you.”

Fans defend K-pop star on Twitter

BamBam’s fans have come in support of the k-pop star saying there is nothing wrong with sharing old travel pics on Twitter. A fan wrote, “People are attacking him bc of his latest Instagram post that has a lot of throwback pictures. I don’t get how any of it was offensive though. They’re literally just pictures of him or Got7.”

A second fan added, “If you really are the type of person to connect A to Z you need to reevaluate. R is not the only country in the world that has attacked another. In that case, stop your idols from sharing posts from those countries too then. They all happily visit the governments and countries.”

“I understand it’s a sensitive issue and so sorry for your feelings but it’s not your right for attacking someone for their back day memory. tourists, artists, and location did nothing, the war is started by Putin not foreigners who visited Russia,” a third fan posted.

Another user shared:

Meanwhile, BamBam who was named as one of the top 100 influencers by Vogue Thailand has made headlines over the years for his meaningful social works. In 2021, he launched his second clothing line in a partnership with Charm’s, and a portion of the profit was donated to a local children’s center to support children from low-income families.

Bambam has also worked with UNICEF multiple times for COVID-19 awareness projects and is a voice of “the sound of happiness.”

He also reportedly donated 100,000 baht to help children who were affected by the flood in Ubon Ratchathani province in 2019.

Stream more of Bambam’s music below.

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