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WASHINGTON (WDVM) — May marks Lupus Awareness Month, a time to hitch collectively as a group to lift consciousness concerning the autoimmune illness that roughly 1.5 million Americans have. 

The Lupus Foundation of America calls the autoimmune illness a merciless thriller; that’s why their mission particularly throughout May is to extend data and visibility about lupus to get one step nearer to discovering a remedy.

Lupus is a continual autoimmune illness the place your immune system is overactive and assaults your individual physique, however with an early analysis and immunosuppressant medicine, sufferers can dwell a wholesome life.

While lupus is aware of no racial or ethnic boundaries, the Lupus Foundation of America stated that girls develop the illness extra usually than males, and lupus is 3 instances extra frequent in Black ladies than in white ladies.

Sydney Evans was identified with lupus in 2017 after being sick for a number of years. 

“A lot of people who look like me and my community in the Black community, they don’t know that much about lupus, and there’s been a stigma around it that you know, oh, that’s a bad thing,” stated Evans.

Diagnosing lupus can be difficult as a result of there isn’t any single take a look at that may give medical doctors a sure or no reply. This was the fact for lupus warrior Cherri Perron, who has been experiencing lupus signs since 1987. It took 6 years and 5 totally different medical doctors for her to get precisely identified.

“To have a physician, someone in the community that’s trusted, tell you that you’re making it up, it’s all in your head, go home, you’ll be fine,” stated Perron. “It was an awful, awful experience.”

People with lupus usually expertise “flare-ups,” that means that their signs resembling joint ache and fatigue worsen. Evans says the pandemic has additionally introduced distinctive struggles for individuals dwelling with lupus due to their compromised immune programs.

“I take Hydroxychloroquine so during the pandemic, there was that shortage and, you know, difficult to find medication,” stated Evans. “So obviously, that was a huge deal. I felt myself rationing out my medication. No one wants to do that. I take it twice a day, every day. you know, I need this medication.”

Perron was identified in 1987 and says again then there wasn’t a whole lot of details about this mysterious illness, however due to advocacy lupus analysis has made nice strides. But she says there’s nonetheless work to be performed so she is going to proceed to share her story.

For extra details about the Lupus Foundation of America, click on right here.

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