Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t shy about saying injectables make her look “less p****d off”

Gwyneth Paltrow is famous for her passion for all things health and wellness, but the actress isn’t afraid to discuss plastic surgery or injectables.

Gwyneth Paltrow may be a successful actress, but she’s become synonymous with health and wellness thanks to her brand, Goop. Launched in 2008, the company went viral for its wild health products such as jade vagina eggs, and the “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle – notice a pattern here?

Goop gained so much publicity with its innovative releases that the name itself has become an adjective. We don’t mean the original dictionary meaning of “a viscous or sticky substance”. For the internet, Paltrow’s Goop refers to anything health-conscious that’s slightly wacky. Given the expansion of the celebrity wellness market, Goop is here to stay.

Despite her advocacy for natural products, the 49-year-old is eliminating the taboo of plastic surgery and filler by addressing her own secrets.

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Gwyneth Paltrow talks beauty secrets and plastic surgery

Paltrow has served as the face of Xeomin Aesthetic, the company behind the “FDA-approved, uniquely purified anti-wrinkle injection” since September 2020. According to the website, Xeomin is a prescription medication that blocks the release of chemicals that cause facial muscle contractions, thus softening frown lines.

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While many stars have kept tight-lipped about surgeries, botox, and fillers, Paltrow clarifies she’s not one of them.

“In the past, I’ve never said that I won’t do plastic or cosmetic surgery, because I think it’s important to stay honest to the fact that we all change as we age,” Paltrow said, according to Refinery 29.

Juggling an acting career, Goop, and her mum duties, we’re not blaming her for wanting a little TLC. Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed that injectables is her answer to looking “less p***ed off”.

Her goal isn’t to look younger, she just wants to look natural, but previous experiences haven’t always been so effective.

“I had a midlife crisis when I turned 40, and I went to go see this doctor. It was a disaster. I didn’t do anything else for a long, long time. I was bruised, my forehead was completely frozen, and I didn’t look like myself at all,” Paltrow admitted.

“I think it’s nice when women share, because there’s a lot of shame around surgery or injectables or fillers, and it would be nice if people felt confident about the choices they were making,” she explained.

“But if they want to have a beauty secret, that’s okay, too. I’m an open book – I’ve shared what works for me, because that’s how I’ve always learned.”

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A solid skincare regimen is key

Although she gets a little help from Xeomin, her youthful looks is mostly down to her healthy lifestyle. Previously a chain smoker in her 20s, paired with drunken nights, she would wake up with dull grey skin.

Now, it’s a complete contrast due to her dedication for exfoliating and moisturising. Combine that with a good sweat through yoga and dance, it’s the perfect recipe for smooth glossy skin.

Check out her morning routine here:

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