Here’s what TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ piercing actually means

TikTok users are reeling over a video from user @ephemeral_remy, who claimed in a recent upload that the most painful piercing they ever got was a ‘double dyed coke piercing’ (double dydoe piercing).

The video, posted on the Fourth of July, sees the inked-up and well-pierced user answering the question: ‘What was your most painful procedure?’ His answer has left the internet confused.

What is TikTok’s ‘Double Dyed Coke’ piercing?

The TikTok user has no subtitles on his video for fans to understand what he’s actually saying. However, his answer sounded something like ‘double dyed piercing.’ Some people heard ‘double dyed coke’, ‘double diet coke,’ ‘double dyedoe,’ so on and so forth.

“If you don’t know what those are, I’m not telling you to go look them up, but if you do, you’ll know why they were the most painful,’ he says.

His viewers quickly rushed to Google to look it up, but it looks like many people struggled to type in the exact term that he used, which is not something you hear every day.

What it actually means

WARNING: Content of a disturbing nature ahead

In the viral video, the TikToker actually says ‘double dydoe piercing,’ not double dyed coke piercing.

It is a type of male genital body piercing that passes through the ridged edge on the head of the male genitalia.

Dydoe piercings are often done in pairs and depend on the person’s anatomy.

Infinite Body states that the wearer must have a flared glans for the piercer to be able to even attempt it. The website also says that this piercing is not recommended for uncircumcised people.

Other kinds of painful piercings

Another very painful procedure is nipple piercing. Given that the area is so sensitive, the client needs to have a very high pain endurance to get this done.

Dermal piercings that go into your skin and don’t come out on the other end are extremely painful as well.

Pain in nose piercings varies based on which part of the nose one is getting pierced. Septum piercing is known to be very painful. 

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