How to translate the viral ‘What Human Feeling Are You’ quiz

The internet is obsessed with a new quiz that tells you what human emotion you are.

Called the ‘what human feeling are you’ quiz, the test is on a site called uQuiz where people across the world can create quizzes for others to take.

The trend started on TikTok but has now taken over Twitter, Instagram and even Reddit where everyone is joining in and sharing their results.

If you’re here, that probably means you’ve found the link and confusingly discovered that the viral quiz is in Russian. Here’s how to translate it…

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How to translate the quiz

You can find the ‘what human feeling are you’ quiz here – but you’ll notice that the whole thing is in Russian as it was made by an internet user in Russia.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to translate. Just follow these steps…

If you’re using an iPhone or Safari:

  • In the search bar at the top of the page, you should see a little symbol that looks like this ‘AA’.
  • Tap this and press ‘translate to English’. 
  • You may need to translate it again when you reach the results page.

If you’re using Google:

  • In the search bar at the top of the page, you should see the Google Translate symbol which has a letter ‘G’ on it.
  • Click on this and press ‘English’.
  • Now, the whole quiz will be translated into English for you.

Find out what human feeling you are

Now that you’ve translated the quiz you’ll be able to find out what human feeling you are.

Press ‘start quiz’ and you will be asked a series of ten questions before being told your human emotion.

Some of the questions include “choose a random event from life that suits you,” “what would you like right now” and “choose a drink” and they all have four options to choose between. 

Some of the questions are a little strangely worded as the English translation isn’t quite right, but you should still be able to understand them all.

Once you’ve answered all the questions, you will be shown your emotion. Most results are fairly simple emotions like despondency, sincere love, joy and humility.

However, others are a bit more random like ‘lying in a meadow on a sunny day’. Take the test and see what you get!


Lots of internet users are taking to Twitter to share their results:

Others have posted their human feeling on TikTok:

Find the viral quiz here – and don’t forget to share your results!

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