‘I won’t continue to do this if this is the new normal:’ EVP Coffee recovering after second burglary in months

MADISON, Wis. — It’s sadly not new for a business on Madison’s east side, but EVP Coffee’s owner calls the latest burglary a one-two punch — showing a side of her neighborhood she never expected to see. 

“There was glass everywhere, the cash register was thrown on the floor,” owner Tracy Danner said.  

Danner’s general manager encountered quite the mess Wednesday morning at EVP Coffee.

“The door was open, the ATM was stolen,” Danner said.   

As shocking as it looks, it wasn’t the first time this has happened. It’s Danner’s second break-in at the East Washington Avenue location in 10 weeks and among 15 she’s experienced in her 25 years in business. 

“This one really felt hurtful, it felt bad and it felt different,” she said, “it felt more violating than ever before.”  

Now, Danner said she doesn’t know if she can keep up with this level of crime in her Madison neighborhood. 

“I won’t continue to do this if this is the new normal,” she said.  

The crime is new but thankfully not normal yet to the owners of the new Aftershock Arcade nearby.

“Obviously someone getting burglarized just down the street is a concern,” co-owner Brad Van said.  

On the east side for less than a year, Van said they haven’t had anything like that happen, but it’s on his mind.  

“At close, we have had some of our bartenders share concerns with us that they don’t want to be working the shift by themselves so we don’t staff people alone,” he said.  

 Still, business owners here like Danner love their neighborhood. 

 “I promised myself I would never put bars on my windows,” she said. “You know, I don’t want to be afraid of my community. I don’t want to send that message. I love my community.”   

Customers, nearby businesses, and neighbors showed they love her too, offering support on social media and in-person since she re-opened Thursday.  

“I realize that it’s meaningful what we’re doing and it matters and it matters to people so that makes it worth it for me as well,” she said.  

While she’s been offered help, Danner said they are able to cover the repairs.

“I just feel so much gratitude to this community for the support and love and they’re acknowledging who we are to them,” she said.

Damages are unknown because she is responsible for the missing ATM, and she doesn’t know how much money is inside.  

Still, she said the community support assured her that this won’t be a defining moment.

“I’m staying with love and I’m staying with kindness you know and I believe we all deserve it. So, I’m going to keep showing up that way,” she said.  

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