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From Hedgesville:

‘If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth?’ Trump said in 2016. Previously, Trump invoked the Fifth in 1990, during his public divorce from his first wife, Ivana Trump, to avoid answering questions about adultery. Now, in 2022, he once again invokes the Fifth to avoid answering questions from the N.Y. Attorney General. Why would you expect less from a guilty person?

From Charles Town:

The inflation reduction/climate change/soak-the-taxpayer bill will hire 87,000 new IRS agents, supposedly to audit for rich tax cheats. At a minimum wage of $50K, that means the taxpayers are on the hook for $4.35 billion annually. Also, these “auditors” will be required to carry sidearms and may be called upon to serve warrants and use “deadly force.” What kind of auditor needs a gun and to use deadly force?

From Harpers Ferry:

How the mighty has fallen. America used to be No. 1 in freedoms. Now, in 2022, according to Freedom House, America is now ranked 61st in political freedoms and civil freedoms. Thanks to our evil politicians and priests and ministers who are not doing their job of informing the people. God’s judgement is on America.

From Falling Waters:

Why the uproar over the FBI serving a search warrant on former President Trump’s Florida residence? Trump is the same as any other citizen of the United States. He is not above the law. Trump had several containers of documents that belonged in the National Archives. Some of them, in all probability, were top secret. He would not return them after several requests, so the FBI and the DOJ did their job and went after them. Trump supporters overreacting.

From Bunker Hill:

So, you are clapping your hands with glee over this raid on a president’s home. Your hatred for Donald Trump clouds your thinking, because you seriously don’t believe that this could happen to you. He’s a big fish. You are a minnow. This has become systemic of our appointed corrupt offices in government. Now, do you think the wealthy can sustain the billions needed for this climate agenda? Nope. They need your nickels and dimes, as well. They’re coming.

From Charles Town:

It was a Republican Congress that reduced the IRS budget to conduct audits. This happened to make insider trading harder to find. How patriotic.

From Berkeley County:

I believe I have figured out why Donald Trump’s Largo, Florida, mansion was raided. Since the whole country is going woke, just maybe, perhaps, the agents needed really good clothes in Melania’s closet since they spent a lot of time going through her clothes. I suppose that could be the reason.

From Kearneysville:

What a contrast. We see low-life Hunter boarding Air Force One for yet another family vacation. This is nothing more than “in-your-face” theater by the Bidens to signal to Hunter’s foreign business partners that he still has the ear of the 10% “big guy” and portray Hunter as a decent family man as he continually uses his toddler son as a prop. Meanwhile, we see the former president’s private residence raided by the corrupt FBI/DOJ. Disgusting.

From Harpers Ferry:

Jefferson County: Great job of repaving all the back roads in Jefferson County and Route 340. Don’t forget to repave from the Walmart light through the main street of Charles Town. It needs it bad.

From Harpers Ferry:

The days of politics being conducted in the arena of ideas ended some time ago. It’s evident to anyone with a brain that the Democrats play strictly hardball and will do anything to win and stay in power. Democrats believe that politics is war, not a game or contest, and Republicans are not combating their opposition equally. If they ever do, revolution with guns and bloodshed is inevitable, and Democrats once again will be responsible for civil war in America.

From Martinsburg:

Mishandling classified information wasn’t a felony until Trump made it one. If he gets locked up, he literally has himself to blame.

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