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From Hedgesville:

Why do voters not have their new voter playing cards and precinct data? Is the web site nonetheless not working? It’s time for somebody to look into this matter.

From Hedgesville:

TDS. He’s dwelling hire free inside your head. Please state how significantly better off you might be with Biden. I’m laughing about all this fuel tax stuff. How about we return to $2 a gallon and stop shopping for oil from the terrorists. Quit complaining about politicians. They’re simply one other a part of the welfare system. Taxpayer-funded paycheck with nothing in return. You know the way you recognize when a politician is mendacity? Their lips are transferring. Lower your expectations.

From Charles Town:

I maintain seeing letters stating if Trump would have gained the 2020 election, the nation could be a cheerful place. Gas could be $2 a gallon. The Ukraine wouldn’t be beneath assault. The wall could be constructed, stopping all of the drug sellers. What a bunch of crap. The wall was largest boondoggle in historical past. Dealers are chopping by it utilizing instruments from Home Depot. A joke! Economic rebounds trigger inflation. Inevitable. Trump admires Putin, would welcome his Ukrainians assault.

From Martinsburg:

Now, 1 1/2 years after the election, we find out how dishonest the NYT and media have been in 2020. While they have been speaking Trump “Russia collusion,” they now acknowledge they have been conscious of the Hunter Biden’s laptop computer pc and the incriminating knowledge in it as they did a cover-up. Their smoke display on behalf of Biden may have simply modified the election consequence. Democracy doesn’t work when you will have blatant censorship. Stalin could be happy with the New York “Pravda” Times.

From Kearneysville:

The Charles Town caller suggests we stay with Trump’s loss. Assuredly, hard-working Americans live daily with rising inflation, gasoline costs, open borders, spiking crime and different disasters — all on Biden’s watch. Do you additionally assume Hunter’s laptop computer exposing the corrupt Biden household raking in tens of millions from China, Russia, et al., is an enormous lie, too? Even the liberal NY Times now acknowledges the laptop computer’s validity, though this truth was suppressed by MSM and large tech in 2020.

From Martinsburg:

To the individuals who select to fly the “F— Biden” flags. This is how we clarify them to our youngsters: “Some people are not very smart and don’t know many words. And rather than acting like adults and working towards the change they prefer, they throw out trashy words that other people like them think is funny. This is why you must continue to go to school… so you do not turn out like them.”

From Bunker Hill:

Kudos to the one that wrote in Journal Junction concerning the “F— Biden” flag seen from I-81! I agree with free speech, however that is ridiculous. What a strategy to welcome folks to West Virginia! Patriot Fireworks ought to be ashamed.

From Martinsburg:

Two million immigrants entered our nation final yr, and one other 2 million extra are anticipated this yr. That’s greater than twice the inhabitants of West Virginia. Biden has carried out nothing to cease this insanity. So, by the tip of his disastrous presidency, an estimated 8 million immigrants will enter. Immigration value taxpayers $155 billion this previous yr. The final Social Security enhance (5.9%) value $54 billion. Hopefully, the American folks get up in November to cease this madness.

From Falling Waters:

It is regretful that the West Virginia Legislature couldn’t see match to cut back the gasoline tax on this time of disaster for W.Va. customers. We are informed the state is “awash” in money, and but, this measure can’t be taken to match that of neighboring Maryland. This is particularly shocking in an election yr. Perhaps the voters must ship a message. While oil firms nationwide tally document earnings, the customers are left holding the bag but once more.

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