Makers of Wall Street bulls NFTs introduce new feature

In October 2021, oil painter Cam Rackam launched a collection of 10,000 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that were inspired by the Wall Street bull statue and were sold out within 32 minutes.

The collection that was targeted at the retail traders supporting GameStop mania allows them to be the official members of the community of retail investors. Now, the makers are gouging beyond the NFTs and taking things a notch higher.

Here is what we know about the Wall Street bulls NFTs

What are Wall Street bulls NFTs?

Out of the 10,000 NFTs that featured a cartoonish bull riding a rocket ship, 1,000 NFTs were sold out within five minutes in October 2021. Half of the collection was gone in eight minutes and within 32 minutes of launching the entire collection, all the bulls were sold out.

Rackam told Market Insider, “I was popping champagne, smoking a cigar in the house, and I freaked out, you know, I freaked out. I went from being an artist for 20 years … and then in one blink of an eye, all the planning and hard work massively paid off.”

The cartoonish creatures support the optimism of the stock market.

New features of NFT bulls

Rackam mentioned those in possession of the bull NFTs have access to meetups and parties in the retail investors’ community. Furthermore, those who have multiple such NFTs will win a new one from the latest collection — Wall Street Interns.

Additionally, the makers of these NFTs have introduced a gamification feature that might make the bulls rarer or worthless for those who avail it. It also depends on the risk someone is willing to take. This feature is inspired by the nature of trading in the stock market.

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