MAP: Which regions in Spain now require a Covid health pass for daily affairs?

Is the Covid health pass for daily matters be about to finally take off in Spain?

Many Spanish regions attempted to impose the Covid health pass for public spaces during the summer period but until now, it had only been approved in limited situations.   

Almost all regional high courts ruled against it for breaching fundamental rights and not being suitable or beneficial for the epidemiological situation at the time. 

But with infections rising once more in Spain, numerous autonomous communities have again requested the Covid health pass be approved by their high courts or that Spain’s national government move for it to be implemented across the country.

Spain’s Health Ministry may have ruled this option out but some regional judges are now listening to their local governments and considering that the Covid health pass is a “softer” measure that breaches fewer fundamental rights and has “less of an impact” than other Covid restrictions.  

Here is a map and information which details what the Covid health pass rules are in each of Spain’s 17 regions. 

Andalusia: The health pass will be implemented gradually according to the evolution of the pandemic, starting with hospitals and nursing homes, but also night clubs, bars, and large cultural and sporting events.

Aragon: The health pass was made compulsory from November 26th for night clubs, big events in bars and restaurants, and events of over 500 people indoors and 1000 outdoors.

Asturias: No new measures have been announced for the time being.

Balearics: The health pass is currently only required in night clubs and nursing homes, but the regional government is considering bringing it back for access to indoor areas.

Canary Islands: The regional government announced it would require the health pass for activities subject to limited capacity and schedules”, but has not specified what types of establishments it will affect.

Cantabria: The regional government is not considering implementing the health pass for the time being. 

Castilla-La Mancha: The regional government is not considering implementing the health pass given the low incidence rate.

Castilla y León: A decision about whether to require the health pass will be announced by December 6th.

Catalonia: The health pass had been used for night clubs for the past few weeks and has now been extended to bars and restaurants (except terraces), gyms, large events in enclosed spaces and nursing homes. It’s not currently required for theatres and cinemas.

Valencia region: The Valencian regional government said on November 26th the health pass would be required for restaurants, bars and entertainment venues of over 50 people, as well as for nursing homes and hospital visits.

Extremadura:No new measures have been announced for the time being.

Galicia: The health pass was already required for night clubs, pilgrimage hostels operating at 100% capacity and hospital visits. It is now being extended to restaurants, bars and cafés.

La Rioja: While the regional government was considering requiring the health pass, it has decided to postpone its decision for the time being.

Madrid: For the time being, the regional government has decided not to require the health pass, though this may change in the coming weeks if the situation worsens.

Murcia: The health pass is being implemented on a voluntary basis: it’s required in venues and night clubs that want to operate at 100% capacity, but it is not compulsory for all restaurants and bars.

Navarre: The health pass is required in restaurants with more than 60 customers, night clubs and indoor cultural events of over 1000 people.

Basque Country: The regional government tried to make the health pass compulsory for night clubs and restaurants with over 50 customers, but high court of justice rejected the measure. A final decision is expected in the next few days.

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