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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (WAOW) — The MLB lockout ended simply two weeks in the past, and whereas Marshfield native Daulton Varsho is now in full swing of spring coaching, the offseason was filled with uncertainty.

“Being unemployed and kind of having that nervousness of not knowing if you’re going to have a job in time for season it does hurt.”

Varsho credit his father [Gary Varsho], a former ballplayer for the psychological steering, and the bodily. Instead of choosing an alternate coaching facility like many gamers typically do, Varsho spent the offseason coaching on the facility his father in-built his personal yard.


“I’m a small town country kid, I love being at home,” Daulton stated. 

But now, the second 12 months main leaguer’s acquired some massive digs forward. He’s a catcher by commerce, however the Diamondbacks are switching him to the outfield, and generally designated hitter. A transfer not many have made work within the massive leagues.

Varsho defined, “that’s the plan with that angle is get more at bats for myself, but also for them the more I can be in this lineup the more I can help this team win.”

“being able to make the team and stay on the roster and stay in the big leagues for a long time because I can do all four positions at a pretty elite level.”


Which is why he is drawing comparisons to baseball nice’s. Ones which have made the change like Craig Biggio or Jason Kendall, however he isn’t going for imitation.

“Don’t get me wrong being a hall of famer like Biggio would be unreal, but I usually don’t compare myself to others because I kind of want to be my own player so I just try to keep a level head and try to stay humble and try to keep my mouth shut as much as possible and try to play the game hard like I try to do.”

And is setting objectives of his personal, “I also like to steal bases so a 20-20 it’s always been one of my goals to steal 20 bags and 20 homers.”

The Diamondbacks opening recreation is simply 9 days away. In no time Varsho will probably be offering a complete lotta worth for Arizona.

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