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Above, The Clash performs I Fought the Law. The ketchup threat level went off the charts when the news dropped yesterday that NY Attorney General was suing the Trump Crime Family for fraud. Our bloggers react.

The Mahablog says that Hair Füror is out of luck.

Digby sez that the suit is spectacular.

Eschaton doesn’t see how Donnie Two Scoops wriggles out of this one.

All Hat No Cattle notes that Letitia James doesn’t give a eff about the 60-days-before-an-election rule and that it is eff’ing glorious.

Bonus Track: Open Culture takes us on a tour of all the pizza styles in the United States. Is it lunchtime yet?

Round-up by Tengrain who blogs at Mock, Paper, Scissors. You can follow Tengrain on the Twitters, too. Send tips, requests, and suggestions to (with For MBRU in the subject line).

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