Moron Eric Trump Claims Trump’s Twitter Followers Proves He Beat Biden In 2020

Eric Trump provides us one more reason why the Trump clan are narcissistic imbeciles that ought to by no means been accountable for any elected place on this nation in any state, district or locale.

Eric posted this asinine remark of his daddy’s app.

President Biden just isn’t a media hog and never a giant social media man. He does his job as an alternative of watching hours of cable information day-after-day and hate-tweeting anybody who just isn’t type to him. He does not play golf incessantly. Nor does he concentrate on his Twitter account. Trump wasn’t a president: He was and is a horrible troll.

When did the US democratic system this nation is constructed upon flip over who wins and loses elections to Twitter? I missed that.

If that had been the case, Taylor Swift would beat Donald Trump for the presidency.

Lady Gaga, take the bully pulpit.

Rhianna could possibly be the following president of the United States.

Katy Perry would win in a landslide.

Justin Bieber would however since he is Canadian he is not eligible.

But the largest winner could be Barack Obama by a landslide over the Orange Julius with 130 million Twitter followers.

These clowns will say and do something to undermine the integrity of the free and honest 2020 basic election to earn a living from the MAGA cult.

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