My Review Of Great Jones Cookware And Bakeware

The era of disrupters is here. From mattresses to plants, a new generation of entrepreneurs have imbued fresh design, sustainability, internet marketing, and technological innovation into age-old industries. The latest to get a revamp: kitchenware. From bright colors to pretty details, the new breed of direct-to-consumer brands not only appeals to millennial cooks buying Dutch ovens on Instagram but anyone looking for a functional beautiful kitchen gear refresh.

Today’s review: Great Jones

Having spent my formative years in New York, the name Great Jones conjures old memories. I spent many days drinking spicy margaritas over brunch at the café on the street of the same name. Twenty years later, I still wear an orange hat emblazoned with the now defunct Cajun-Creole joint’s logo. So, when a cookware brand called Great Jones debuted with its fat, swirly font and boldly colored products, I experienced an irrational nostalgic attachment to it.

However, you didn’t come here to read about my ever-lasting love for Great Jones Café, so I’ll move on to the bakeware and cookware.

As with other colorful brands, Great Jones was started by a young entrepreneur who felt the industry needed a shake-up. The co-founder and CEO, Sierra Tishgart, wanted to design a line that would “inspire joy and confidence in home cooking through smart yet stylish designs,” her PR team shared.

Prior to launching Great Jones in 2018, Sierra was the Senior Editor of Grub Street, New York Magazine’s food vertical. She covered the restaurant industry, earning a James Beard Award for her work, among other accolades.

The name Great Jones pays homage to cookbook author Judith Jones and is a nod to NYC, where the company is based.

I received two samples to test in the kitchen: the Holy Sheet baking tray and a 8.5” small fry.

Starting with the fry pan, I knew I wanted the smaller size for tortillas. I hand roll my own combining masa with water and use a fry pan to cook them individually. The first batch of tortillas cooked up easily and slid right out of with about two seconds of wipe down for clean-up. The pan heated evenly and the handle stayed cool.

The small fry’s smooth surface is made with a nontoxic ceramic coating that’s PTFE and PFOA free, and safe for all stovetops, including induction. I also liked the design touch of a bronze looped handle that comes welded rather than screwed. Pretty and practical.

Next, I tested the non-stick Holy Sheet in vibrant blueberry. One thing I like about the company: as opposed to the subdued matte hues of other contemporary brands, Great Jones imbues its products with primary statement colors like cobalt blue, mustard yellow, and broccoli green.

Though I’ve only used it three times for roasted carrots, a whole fish, and cookies, it hasn’t warped, which is consistent with company claims. It feels heavy duty, especially compared to my usual aluminum pans from Nordic Naturals, because it is. It’s made of aluminized steel and coated in nonstick ceramic. Measuring 18.5″ long, 13.5″ wide, 2″ tall, and weighing 2 lbs, you could whack a late-night intruder with it and do real damage.

Though Great Jones says all of its cookware is safe for the dishwasher, I still clean with soap and water by hand. The products are too beautiful and the colors to rich to risk damaging.

While I didn’t test the cast-iron line, I’d consider buying a few pieces. Great Jones’s signature cast-iron collection is now available as a bundle and 35% off through the end of the year.

The Cast-Iron Family ($250, usually $390) includes The Dutchess (Great Jones’ best-selling 6.75qt Dutch oven), its smaller 3.5qt sibling Dutch Baby, and King Sear (their recently launched 12in skillet) in Blueberry (cobalt blue), Broccoli (dark green), or Mustard (deep yellow). All three pieces are safe for high temperatures on the stovetop & in the oven and designed for easy storage – Dutch Baby nests inside The Dutchess and King Sear has a handle loop for hanging.

With Christmas fast approaching, consider picking up a few pieces or an entire set. Great Jones is offering free expedited shipping on all orders over $200 so that whether for yourself or a gift, they’ll arrive when Santa does. Just in time to bake him a batch of cookies.

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