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When many of us consider whether we could handle — or are willing to handle — the responsibilities borne by a West Virginia State trooper, the answer is a hard “no.” It takes a special individual to be willing to do all that is required, and face all that might be encountered, while serving and protecting the people of the Mountain State. Few are lining up to give it a try.

But last week 26 men and women graduated as the 70th Cadet Class of the West Virginia State Police.

“They are a good group of men and women,” 1st Sgt. J.C. “Jay” Powers, director of professional development, said, according to WV MetroNews.

Since Jan. 17, these troopers have been in the classroom and in the field, completing 800 hours of training. They’ve put in the work; now, it’s time to do the job. As the class was told during the graduation ceremony by Col. Jan Cahill, superintendent of the WVSP, “You can make a difference in people’s lives, and you can make a difference in the communities you serve.”

They can and will, but MetroNews reported Powers is hoping there will be a larger class next year, though he knows it will be a challenge.

“In this climate of everything going on in the country, it’s hard to recruit law enforcement. So we, as the West Virginia State Police, are excited to get these men and women out there,” Powers said.

It is not for everyone, and there are as many reasons as ever to decide against such a career. But for those who feel called, that means the need is as great as ever.

Congratulations, to this year’s graduating class of troopers. Now is the time for next year’s class to start thinking about whether they have what it takes.

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