NSW Police Are Recruiting On TikTok & Aussies Are Mad

“In which course do they teach you to assault minorities? Asking for a friend.”

As more brands, institutions and even government bodies attempt to dip their toes into the youth-infested pool that is TikTok, an avalanche of PR disasters awaits around every corner.

I cannot think of a worse idea than NSW Police getting TikTok what the fuck were they thinking

Twitter: @sendboots

An undeniable fact that none know better than the good ol’ fashion NSW Police department.

In just a few short months of activity on the platform, the NSW Police have been called out for blocking users who raise awareness of their misconduct…

lol nsw police blocked this guy on tiktok for duetting all of their videos with articles about police misconduct, brutality and deaths in custody

Twitter: @catherinebouris

Creating grossly inappropriate content that glorifies police brutality…

Uh why on earth would the NSW Police make a “fun” Tik Tok that features the POV of someone getting stomped on by a policeman in boots?

(Video not mine but from @/nswpolice on Tik tok)

Twitter: @Paige_Burton

And now, because anything goes in 2022, using the platform to actively recruit Gen Z applicants:

Blue Heelers would never.

While some ~zesty, hip beatz~ play softly in the background, the on-screen talent (who looks a little like he could be ScoMo’s cousin?) talks us through the application process — in unrelenting detail.


Let me tell you, if I did want to apply to be a police officer before this video, that desire has now been forever quashed out of sheer boredom. 

In the comments section, NSW Police gave a little further insight into the salary, benefits and training times you can expect:

Predictably, Aussies spared no time absolutely rinsing the NSW Police for the video:


^Honestly, unsure if it’s a roast or serious request. Either way, go off. 

But you tell me — what do you think of this recruitment strategy? Does it seem normal enough for a government body? Or does it give you cringe-worthy dystopia vibes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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