Ought to You Have fun OR Concern Friday The thirteenth In Wyoming?

Many folks dread Friday the thirteenth and by chance we solely have one this yr. As somebody who’s birthday is on December thirteenth, I’ve had a couple of birthday’s that is fallen on Friday and so they’ve all been completely different. Maybe it is a psychological factor, or possibly Friday the thirteenth actually ISN’T an excellent day.

Friday the thirteenth calendar


There are many theories why 13 is a bummer and an unfortunate quantity

One goes again to a fable of 12 Greek god’s at a cocktail party in Valhalla. When the thirteenth god, who was uninvited, confirmed up and a god died the day was thought-about unfortunate. Making the quantity 13 unfortunate.

Another is in reference to Jesus’ final supper. 13 had been current on the night time earlier than his dying. The thirteenth visitor to reach was Jesus’ betrayer, Judas Iscariot.

But why Friday the thirteenth?

It wasn’t till the early 1900’s that Friday the thirteenth was thought-about so unfortunate. Many attribute the concern of the day to a novel “Friday, the Thirteenth” a few dealer that used superstitions across the date to crash the inventory market.

Then in fact the horrifying film sequence that started within the 1980’s Friday the thirteenth added gasoline to the hearth.

So actually, Friday the thirteenth is sort of like another “Hallmark Holiday” and simply one other day. That doesn’t suggest folks aren’t superstitious concerning the day, simply in case there’s some fact to the day being unfortunate.

Some are so terrified by Friday the thirteenth that there is are literally two phrases devoted to the concern.




The Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute cites analysis that estimates $800 or $900 million is misplaced in enterprise every Friday the thirteenth from canceled appointments and absenteeism. According to the Institute, 17 to 21 million folks within the US concern the day.

Friday The thirteenth – black cat


Superstitions like Friday the thirteenth have an effect on folks on a regular basis throughout, together with Wyoming.

  • According to cowboy superstitions, you are not supposed to offer somebody a knife. This will sever the connection between the 2. To make up for the present, the recipient ought to pay one thing for the knife.
  • NEVER put a cowboy hat on a mattress. This is likely one of the greatest no-no’s you can do. It’s stated to ask dangerous luck into your future and based on legend may very well be a premonition of dying or harm.
  • NEVER eat hen earlier than your compete in rodeo, as a result of clearly, you’re what you eat.
  • Competing with change in your pocket, that could be all you win. EMPTY these pockets
  • The correct strategy to cling a horseshoe is is heel up and if it is from a grey mare, you simply up your good luck possibilities.
  • Another Wyoming superstition is throwing salt over your left shoulder whenever you spill salt will reverse the dangerous luck.

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