Our 5 favourite finds this month from Kérastase and more

From the overfilled shelves of our bathrooms and the full-length mirrors we sit across blearily every morning picking potions and lotions from overstuffed makeup bags, to you and wherever your stash of serums and creams inhabit, Best in Beauty rounds up the very best products we’ve smeared across our faces and spritzed upon our pulse points this month.

I keep at least three travel-size perfumes on my person at all times (Byredo’s Mojave Ghost, Bon Parfumeur’s 103 and Maison Margiela REPLICA’s Beach Walk, for reference) because above all else, I like smelling nice. Kérastase’s Chronologiste Hair Fragrance Oil, a brand-new find, delivers fragrance to an area of my body I’d previously just spritz, walk through and forget about.

Now, this handsome glass bottle sits by my work computer and has revamped my mid-day ritual, which currently consists of running this fragrance oil first between my palms, then through my (dry!) lengths and ends and, finally, luxuriating as the immediate vicinity of my scalp smells deliciously of tea rose (my favourite). Another plus, shine, softness and a reduction in breakages. Win, win and win. — Joey Wong, Editor

I can probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve seen my friend Tina without her signature red lipstick. She doesn’t leave home without it; doesn’t leave a meal without reapplying. Me, on the other hand? Not a big lipstick person. I like the sentiment behind it; like the occasion a bright, bold lip implies. The idea, though, of having to worry and wonder throughout the day if there’s lipstick on my teeth, on my face, my arm, my collar — the hassle is too much for me, resolutely lazy. Rather, I’m more of a dab on, blot twice and leave behind just remnants of a bolder swipe. A whisper of colour. Barely anything.

Which brings me to Burberry Kisses Matte lipsticks. Matte lipsticks, I think, have come a long way in recent years. They’re no longer drying; no longer prompt that caked-on, crusty feeling. These from Burberry, in particular, lets me do my dabbing and lets Tina do her full swipes and on both occasions, stay comfortable for all-day wear. My favourite shade is 93 Matte Russet, but the range also does some beautiful Chrismassy reds. — JW

My lips are dry — so dry — and I don’t know why! I consume more water than the average person (in my office, at least) and my lips remain permanently parched. What this means is that a lot of “long-wearing” lipstick formulas don’t work for me; they’re too drying and my lips end up looking chapped and unseemly. On that note, this matte dream defies all preconceptions. I was hesitant to try them, but gosh, the first swipe deposits cushiony soft and creamy colouring to my pale, pale lips. After a quick tissue kiss, the formula blends and softens into a comfortable, moisturising finish. This is it, y’all. The lippie that’s here for a good time and a long time. — Sandra Kwong, Features Editor

As someone who doesn’t own a crate-full of lip products, I rely on a single essential: lip balm. I’ve been tirelessly searching for the perfect one, in hopes of getting to the bottom of the tube before it disappears into the unknown never to be found again. But I think this is it: Fresh Beauty’s Sugar Lip Care Treatment. I’ve kept it safe for a couple months and the bottom of the shimmery matte case is finally peeking through, and I haven’t tired of it just yet. It’s formulated with SPF 15 for light protection against the sun — a perk for someone lazy like me — and is extremely nourishing, made with sugar, grape-seed oil and vitamins with a faint citrus scent. Mine’s colourless, but it also comes in a pretty line-up of pinks and reds (I’d go for Spice, a warm rosy nude, if I had to pick a second). A quick, easy, one-and-done solution for every day. — Lorria Sahmet, Editor

I love crystals; we have a crystal tray in our living room and it’s just littered with various stones to… you know, regulate the chi in the apartment and centre our good vibes. Okay, they’re also very pretty — sue me! I love them! What I also love is beauty gadgets, so, when this rose quartz inlaid beauty was placed into my eager hands, I already knew it was going to be love. Thstone has a delightful warming function and aids in reducing inflammation and tension. On the other side, you have the silicone brush with sonic vibrations (up to 7,000 per minute!) to help cleanse and break down dirt and oil from within the pores. It’s a win for me and, also, a brilliant stocking stuffer. — SK

(Hero and featured images courtesy of Burberry Beauty)

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