Panel dialogue held in La Crosse focuses on ladies in Wisconsin’s workforce

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – In recognition of Women’s History Month, the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development and Safety and Professional Services held a panel specializing in ladies in enterprise.

They partnered with Wisconsin Women’s Business Initiative Corporation to share how ladies and corporations are decreasing limitations within the state.

It’s particularly necessary as ladies attempt to get again to work after the worst of the pandemic.

“We have many programs in place and many opportunities to help remove some of those ongoing barriers and really help women who are seeking to get back into the workforce to do so with the resources they need to be successful,” mentioned Amy Pechacek, the secretary-designee of the Department of Workforce Development.

Leaders on the panel are particularly optimistic about ladies getting into commerce fields.

“I’m just pleased that we can talk about more women going into the trades … and they know exactly what they’re going to be making, and the sky’s the limit,” mentioned Secretary of the Department of Safety and Professional Services Dawn Crim.

Crim says that always with commerce jobs, women and men receives a commission equally.


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