People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation

People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I’m a firefighter and we obtained a name for an overdose round 3 am to a tough a part of our district in the midst of winter. Unfortunately the affected person was lengthy gone and her seller or no matter discovered her like that when he dropped some stuff. As we have been packing up our stuff thoughts you this can be a completely trashed cell residence, I hear one thing down the corridor that mentioned “lights?” I ask my companion if he mentioned something because it was simply him and I cleansing up he mentioned no. I stroll to the far finish of the trailer the place I heard it and shine my flashlight I get a mirrored image out of the window. They have a small software shed and it had a flickering mild, it peeked my curiosity so my companion and I’m going on the market. We hear crying and spot the door is padlocked. We reduce it, and this little six yr outdated lady was in there. She mentioned her mother places her in there when she will get mad at her. She mentioned she obtained scared when she heard the sirens and didn’t know what to do. To today I do not know what occurred or the place the voice got here from, however I’ll take the win on it.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation In 1996, I had simply dropped out of University and was shifting residence to my father or mother’s place. My tail was firmly between my legs, I had nearly no cash and no job prospects. Basically I used to be screwed.

I had an outdated Jeep Comanchee with all my belongings within the again and 200 miles to go. I borrowed $20 from a buddy for fuel and began the journey. I obtained to a degree that was 30 miles from residence and was on empty. I pulled right into a fuel station/relaxation cease and type of cried for a minute in my truck. I wanted $5 for fuel to make it the remainder of the best way and had nothing. There was no method I may name my dad and ask for assist…he was already so disenchanted.

After a minute I began looking round my truck for change…something…I opened the glove field and there have been these paper ‘loyalty bucks’ for a fuel station that I by no means used. It seems it was the precise fuel station that I used to be stopped at. $4.70 value of greenbacks. I discovered one other $2.00 in change, put $6.00 within the fuel tank and acquired a coke.

I made it residence.

Fast ahead 20 years, I had sorted my cr*p out and am a lawyer…that Gas Station employed me as their exterior counsel…I obtained to inform this story to the President of the corporate.

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Was the twenty fifth anniversary of my dads loss of life. Was as all the time, fascinated by all of it day lengthy. He was solely 49 when he handed.

Was passing a funeral residence and obtained type of unhappy, little greater than regular. Was simply hitting me laborious. I used to be as at a cease mild.

Looked at automotive in entrance of me…

License Plates learn: LUV DAD

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As a baby visiting my Grandma’s home (My Mum’s – mum), every time I left the home I’d wave subsequent door to Ken who was all the time sat within the bay window searching on the sea. They lived proper on the coast off the North Sea in Hartlepool (UK) We’d by no means actually speak, however just a bit wave earlier than I went to get into the automotive.

One time I’m leaving my Grans home, I’m in entrance of my Mum who’s stopped on the door to speak to my Gran. So I head down the steps and in direction of the gate. I flip again and see Ken within the window. Big smile as standard, waving at me. I give him a wave again. He stands up, provides me the thumbs up, and wanders in direction of the again of the room. My Mum comes strolling down the steps and asks “Who are you waving at?” I replied “Ken”.

To today, I can bear in mind my mam’s face. She simply went white, however did not say something to me.

It was just a few weeks later when she plucked up the braveness to inform me, that Ken had died just a few days previous to our go to to my Grans.

I do not consider in ghosts, however I do know I noticed him. I can nonetheless image his striped gray sweater with mild stripes throughout it. Him waving and getting up out of his chair. There was no-one else in the home, he lived by himself.

Brains are bizarre.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation One morning I wakened and seen my digicam was on high of the couch reverse my mattress. I knew I didn’t put it there as a result of it was a really costly digicam and it may very simply fall from this place. I had positioned it in my cupboard. I went over, picked it up, and turned it on and clicked the button to view images. There have been a whole bunch of images of me sleeping, all seemingly taken from the again of the couch. I used to be actually so freaked out, I couldn’t cease crying. I lived alone. It was simply photograph after photograph of me sleeping. The images have been taken in “quick snap”, the place the digicam takes approx one photograph per second. I later realised the digicam didn’t actually have a “quick snap” setting so technically it was inconceivable for the digicam to take the images in any respect. The time stamps recommend all images have been taken between 2 and 3am. I’ve by no means found out wtf occurred, how the digicam obtained to the couch, or how it’s even doable for a digicam with no fast snap to fast snap, however I nonetheless have a USB with the images on it and it nonetheless freaks me the f- out.

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When I used to be 10 years outdated I did not wish to go to high school someday. I faked a stomachache so my Grandmother would let me keep residence. Ive all the time been a foul liar, so my Gma tried to name my bluff. She advised me if I used to be too sick for college then she can be scheduling me a Drs Appointment. 3 hours later I used to be rushed into emergency surgical procedure. My pretend sickness was truly appendicitis and It was so infected that if I hadn’t are available in that day my appendix would have ruptured probably killing me. I felt 100% high quality that day. Faking sick saved my life…

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation When my daughter was little and he or she would get upset, one thing within the kitchen would randomly break. Happened method too many instances to be coincidental and the issues that broke did so in inexplicable methods. I clearly bear in mind one occasion very early within the morning standing within the kitchen, telling her she couldn’t have cake from the night time earlier than. She instantly seemed offended and I heard a bizarre “plink” sound within the cabinet. Opened it to seek out the plate on the highest of the stack was cracked in a number of locations.

No indicators of this in later years. She’s 24 now and I usually allude to this and remind her boyfriend to not piss her off.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation So this nonetheless baffles me however once I was a child we had moved into a brand new home and whereas the realtor was exhibiting us round the home I noticed a woman sitting at a white dresser in a pink room and he or she even waved at me however once I requested my mother who that was she simply brushed me off as a result of she was attempting to take heed to the realtor. The bizarre factor is that there have been no rooms painted pink in the home and my household simply performed it off regardless of me being adamant of what I noticed. Anyway quick ahead just a few years and I’m in highschool at this level and we begin renovating the home and whereas stripping the wallpaper in the main bedroom we discovered it was painted pink in some unspecified time in the future. Still low-key freaks me out.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation Time slipped by my buddy and I someday. We obtained a contract in one other city and drove out every day for two weeks. It was 1 hour to get there and 1 hour again however someday it took us 3 hours to get again to city. My buddy realized one thing was improper when his spouse referred to as him up asking why he turned his telephone off and why he was so late. We left just a little earlier than 2pm and the decision got here nearly at 5pm.

To today we will not clarify it, and to additional complicate issues we each have receipts from a fuel station we stopped at simply earlier than we obtained on the freeway which might be time stamped a bit after 2pm. My idea is that the aliens took us for two hours however who the hell is aware of.

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Hubs and I going as much as my mother and father’ home on Christmas Eve. Hubs is driving, we’re within the mountains, there’s snow on the bottom. It’s simply previous midnight.

I see a lady sporting shorts and a striped tee shirt, strolling a canine, sporting no sneakers. She has brown feathered hair- suppose Farrah Fawcet within the 80s. I flip to my husband to ask him if he sees this loopy lady… and he or she’s gone. Weirded myself out, however laughed it off.

Next day, I inform the story to my mother and father. They give one another a bizarre look, and my Dad says…

“I’ve seen her, too.”

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation When I used to be in school, a drunk dude fell from a third flooring balcony and obtained up and walked away prefer it was nothing. Seriously one of many weirdest/freakish issues I’ve ever seen in my life.

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Long story quick, I misplaced a jacket at a curler rink once I was in third grade. I had a fortunate rabbit foot within the pocket that I purchased on the skate store inside.

Months later, my mom, who’s adopted, discovered her beginning mom and her half sister. The first time I went to my newly discovered Aunt’s home, she mentioned she had a jacket which may match me. It was my jacket, rabbit foot nonetheless within the pocket.

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Not to me, however to my dad. He would get horrible nosebleeds as a teen/younger grownup so he had cauterization, they usually all however stopped by his late twenties. Fast ahead 20+ years and he’s driving on the freeway with my mother and sister, approaching an space the place it drops to 1 lane. His nostril begins hemorrhaging out of nowhere, hadn’t occurred in without end. He pulled over for about 2 minutes to staunch the bleeding, then they have been on their method. They have been rapidly stopped by a small line up of automobiles, lifeless stopped. No emergency automobiles have been on the scene but, however there’d been an accident. Turns out a head-on collision with at the least 2 fatalities had occurred about 2 minutes prior. A bloody nostril fairly probably saved my household’s life.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I used to fence (the game, not stolen items). I used to be at a match and had simply began a bout towards a competitor. You win the bout by being the primary to five factors. I rating what I consider to be first level, however the official signifies the match is over and I’ve gained. I stood there confused for a second, however my opponent appears to agree and salutes and approaches for a handshake, so I go together with it. I test the scorecard and it says I’ve gained 5-2. Totally misplaced most likely 4 or 5 minutes of time. Hasn’t occurred since to one of the best of my data, however it’s been 20 years and I nonetheless marvel what occurred.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I used to be driving throughout the US and drove into Salt Lake City. For no matter cause, I obtained a yearning for IHOP, so I punched it into Google Maps and adopted the instructions to a spot in the midst of city.

I stroll in, and the place is….empty.

I do not imply like there have been no prospects. I imply there may be actually not an individual within the place. No wait workers, no prospects, no cooks. Nobody. There was partially eaten meals on all of the tables. Bags and purses within the cubicles. TVs on all over the place. Burgers on the grill slowly burning. And there wasn’t a soul within the place, like all of them simply vanished without delay.

I used to be so freaked out I hopped in my automotive and drove till I hit the Nevada border earlier than stopping to eat. Still do not know what the f- occurred.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I’ve a vivid reminiscence of being on the Statue of Liberty as a baby, on my dad’s shoulders, seeing the skyline of NYC. I bear in mind what we ate for lunch that day, and many others. I bear in mind the ferry we took. I’ve all the time considered this reminiscence and talked about it, however my household denies I ever went to NYC. I didn’t go for the primary time till I used to be 23, however unusually sufficient, once I went, I remembered every little thing simply the way it had been once I was there with my dad.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation Both of my lungs collapsed on the identical time (nearly over 50% collapsed) and I used to be strolling round like I used to be completely regular. Until I made a decision to go to the ER for bubble sounds in my chest. None of the docs may work out why this had occurred to me. They didn’t understand how I used to be simply up and strolling round and laughing

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I hit a patch of black ice at midnight going 60mph down the freeway. At the time, I drove a 1 ton cargo van. It hit the guard rail and flipped. Not solely did I stroll away with no scratch, the automotive was drivable and I used to be solely 30 min late to work.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I had just lately watched an early episode of felony minds the place an arsonist would lock individuals of their properties earlier than lightning the home on fireplace. For no matter cause it kinda obtained to me. An evening or two later I wakened out of a lifeless sleep and couldn’t get that episode out of my thoughts so I lastly determined to only stand up and test the entrance door. I swear I couldn’t open the door. Unlocked it, however it was completely caught. I wakened my husband as a result of I used to be so freaked out. He additionally tried and couldn’t get the door open, and he’s a giant man! I ended up climbing out a window so I may push the door from the skin whereas he pulled from the within. We lastly obtained it open. I didn’t watch felony minds for a very long time after that.

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once I was youthful we lived in a 110 yr outdated victorian home. Everyone would discover bizarre issues.

I used to be residence alone organizing the silverware once I dropped a fork on to the desk solely to have it bounce as soon as and fly on the wall like somebody slaped it. I nonetheless do not know how one can drop one thing strait down and have it launch horizontal for five ft

my mother and father once they first purchased the home turned off all of the lights (5 flooring in the event you depend basement and attic) My mother did the highest 2, father did the underside, the met within the center, went to the primary flooring, left, obtained to the automotive and seen not solely was the third flooring mild on however the blinds have been now up.

we had a seesaw, my mom turned on the sunshine and noticed it violently going up and down

I used to be within the basement and felt a hand brush down my again. I jumped and turned and noticed nobody there. I satisfied myself it was simply my shirt shifting bizarre. As I went up the steps I heard guffawing.

once I was older I used to be sitting on the sofa and heard my dad say “What the fu waTCH OUT” proper earlier than a framed puzzel we had fell on me. My dad mentioned he noticed it raise it is self off the hook

we had a Mastiff, A rottweiler, and a German Shepard. They refused to go to the attic.

our entrence had two units of doorways. The entrance dors, then a small room, then the second set of doorways. We by no means locked these doorways because it was two massive bolts that went into the ground after which a third bolt that held the 2 doorways collectively. Locking it was very laborious with a key so you possibly can solely do it from the within with appreciable drive. We got here residence someday and the door was locked with all 3 bolts. In different phrases our completly sealed home was locked from the within. My mom flipped, grabbed us, and ran to a payphone to name the police as a result of if that door is locked then there may be somebody in the home except the left by way of a second or third story window. 3 cop automobiles got here, they unlocked the door with my moms key and swept each final inch of the place all the way down to one in all them going into our crawl house. Nothing. Not solely that my moms gold necklace was laying on the desk and all of the home windows have been locked. We had a household buddy who’s a cop and one in all my uncles who’s a cop come spend the night time. Next morning everyones is up and my uncle goes to depart solely to see that the door is once more locked from the within. We eliminated these locks that very same day.

Mastiff was laying subsequent to me whereas I used to be watching TV. Suddenly he jumps up and backs into me. He’s growling and snarling whereas staring up the steps. The different two canines run in and instantly have their ears return and their mohawks go up. This went on for a number of minutes. Our german shepherd began inching towards the step and did just a little lunge nipping on the air bearing his enamel. a couple of 5 seconds later I heard what seemed like somebody full sprinting up the steps of the primary flooring from the touchdown to the second-floor steps, then the third. I referred to as my mother from the home telephone. While on the telephone I heard what I can solely describe as a wail from the the third flooring.

Years later, mother and father are divorced, I’m with my dad for the weekend. I helped him clear the third flooring. We put the toys in a big toy chest from the closet they the place in. While we our brushing our enamel I’m going pale. I’m listening to one thing so I shut off the water and ask my dad to hear. We each are fully fairly. The sound begins once more. it is the sound of clink clink however a little bit of rythm to it. I could not place it at first then mentioned “Dad I think that’s the xylophone” we go up and the toy chest is open and the xylophone is on the ground.

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I used to be in traction in hospital, a man who mentioned he labored maintenence got here into my room to restore the sunshine above the bathe. I used to be in traction and will by no means depart the mattress I used to be in, we joked sarcastically how the sunshine can be so useful for me. He requested what occurred to me, and he advised me concerning the horrible industrial accident he was in. He mentioned he would come again and go to me and convey images of the accidents that the Dr.s mentioned would depart him unable to stroll (identical prognosis I had been given). He did come again with images, we had speak, I felt very inspired when he left. The subsequent few days I advised completely different workers members about this good younger man. They all advised me nobody with that identify labored maintenence within the hospital. They had not heard of him and mentioned maintenence was not engaged on our hospital flooring that day nor the entire week.

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Several instances a yr I’ll all of a sudden get a although that it has been a very long time (normally months) since I final spoke with a specific buddy or relative, then I’ll get a voice name or an electronic mail from that particular person inside just a few hours. Can’t clarify it. I by no means inform them about this as a result of I worry shedding this unusual factor that I’ve. Anybody else have this?

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At pals home. Friend was in storage engaged on filth bike. Driveway empty as a result of mother and father left some time in the past. Go inside to seize a soda however determine to search for his cat. Who I have never seen all day. I stroll into the workplace and as Im calling her identify, a deep man’s voice goes “Meow” proper into my proper ear. I bounce and run round the primary flooring on the lookout for who mentioned that. Didn’t discover anybody.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I had a sleep paralysis nightmare once I was a child, the place I noticed a red-eyed darkish determine standing within the doorway. It’s all the time caught with me, and I’ve referred to as him the boogeyman ever since. One day I used to be looking Reddit and any individual painted an image of their “sleep paralysis demon”. It was just like the man had painted my actual dream. And then a bunch of individuals commented that that they had seen the identical creature. It all the time makes me uneasy to consider.

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When I used to be about 12 years outdated I went as much as Lake Tahoe with my buddy and his mother and father who had a rental in Incline Village. One day, the 2 of us are strolling to the bowling alley and cross a road in a crosswalk. Right earlier than we get to the curb, a automotive comes actually near hitting us. All of a sudden, we’re each up on the curb, like we have been lifted just a few toes. We each checked out one another unusually.

“Did you jump?”

“No, did you?”


We spent the subsequent hour type of dumbfounded. It did not really feel like a shove or any use of drive. We have been nonetheless on the street, then we weren’t.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation My dad owned a small backyard store, so I’d keep behind the checkout after faculty until the store closed. This was till I see a tall man sporting all black, like a trench coat, strolling previous my dad and smiling at me earlier than going right into a workers solely space. I bounce as much as cease him, though I used to be 7. This again space full of new shipments. I flip the nook however no one is there. There was nowhere he may’ve gone. I ask my dad to test the CCTV after closing, however it’s solely proven me leaping up and operating, and operating out of body. Weird stuff, by no means felt comfy there once more.

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I turned to the opposite particular person within the room, who I barely knew, and mentioned “My sister is getting engaged right now,” with out having the intent of talking in any respect.

He politely requested why I mentioned that, and I needed to shake my head and say “I don’t know.”

Just a few days later I discovered up that, positive sufficient, ah that actual second on the far facet of the world, she had mentioned “yes” to Mr. Right.

I hadn’t even identified she was relationship.

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I used to be only a 6-year-old child deciding what to do after faculty whereas I used to be in my grandparents lounge. I noticed a crimson flash shoot out of the wall and go from that facet to the opposite wall and into it.

A second later a giant earthquake hit.

I noticed some type of visible shock wave from the earthquake. And no it wasn’t these bizarre lightning ball issues. In my infantile thoughts I believed that I simply noticed the flash (The comedian e book character) run by the room.

Another cool one that’s defined by sheer unbelievable coincidence is that I phoned a buddy so I hadn’t spoken to in at the least 3 years and it went to voicemail. After I left a voicemail I noticed I had a voicemail notification. It was a voicemail from the one who I simply referred to as. The weirdest half is that we will need to have referred to as one another at precisely the identical second in any other case it might have finished the decision ready factor as a substitute of sending to voicemail. We instantly referred to as one another again and tripped out about how bizarre that was.

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Ok, so it is not that I can not clarify it, or if it even wants explaining actually, however was simply so weird I nonetheless recollect it at the least just a few instances a yr.

When I used to be about 18 I labored at a grocery retailer and someday this younger man entered, that I sh*t you not, seemed EXACTLY like me. Like, weirdly an excessive amount of alike, he and I. This younger man was sporting the identical rattling outfit as me, khakis, a blue polo, and a brown coat, although his coat was just a little darker. When this gents met my gaze we have been simply eye-locked at each level we may see each other all through the shop, each with the stupidest perplexed appears on our faces. The solely distinction I may inform was this particular person was just a little older than I and had a goatee. I assume this was my evil twin. He left the shop after shopping for his stuff and life went on.
But…It would not finish there.

The subsequent day a wierd lady approached me asking “stupidd**kface, why are you here?!” I flip round to to see somebody I have no idea. “How do you know my name?” , I ask, “Do you know me?” She says, “Oh my gosh, I thought you were my son stupidd**kface, you look EXACTLY like him!” The dude even shares my f-ing identify. This sh*t is bizarre. I confirmed with the girl that her son stupidd**kface did come within the day earlier than and was residence quickly from school. Another very perplexed particular person from this oddity.
So. I proceed to ask her about her son since we glance similar and he or she advised me about his age(2 years older) and the place he grew up(the city over) and he has two older brothers and a youthful sister. I’ve two older brothers and a youthful sister….I requested this womans identify and naturally, “Oh my name is Karen, nice to meet you.” My moms identify is Karen… I did not probe on any additional, however I’m not even positive I wish to understand how far down that alternate universe me went. It was simply so unbelievably unusual, the circumstane total. But the weirdest factor by far that’s what sticks with me most is that this bizarre a*s feeling I had when stupidd**kface and I have been watching one another. I assume he felt this too by the look on his face. A sense I’ve by no means felt and nonetheless have since felt. A sense that I can actually solely describe as understanding that the opposite particular person I’m is me some how. I do not now, cannot clarify it totally. I ponder if similar twins really feel that very same stuff.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation My girlfriend obtained out of the bathe and referred to as me into the lavatory to point out me the mirror. There was a really unusual, distinct handprint positioned on the mirror.

I lived alone and he or she was the one grownup that had been to my home in about two years. We every positioned our handprints on the perimeters of the thriller handprint for reference and neither look something just like the thriller print. I nonetheless do not know the way it obtained there.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation When I used to be like 8 I had a battery operated lamp that labored for like per week with no battery’s in it

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This one is unusual to me as a result of it was so way back and I’m satisfied I’ve to be remembering issues improper. I used to be a younger child on the grocery retailer and I noticed this toy helicopter (like scorching wheel sized) that I actually needed for some cause. I, after all, did not purchase it, however it the reminiscence of it caught in my head. Just a few nights later, I had a dream the place I used to be enjoying with the helicopter, however I spotted it was a dream and silly younger me thought that if I put it beneath my pillow, it might nonetheless be there once I wakened. After that, I wakened and eagerly checked beneath the pillow to get it. For some cause, it was proper the place I left it within the dream. As a child, I wasn’t stunned to seek out it there because it all made excellent since to me then, however years later I’ve no clue how the toy helicopter truly obtained beneath the pillow.

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It’s laborious to choose the strangest, however there was the time a can of soda exsploded, after which did not.

I used to be working in my backyard and had gotten myself a can of coke zero. I cracked it open on my method out the again door, took just a few hearty chugs and sat it on my small backyard desk I hold out by my raised beds, and obtained again to working within the backyard. I’ve on wi-fi earbuds and listening to a podcast as I work on cleansing the pumpkin patch of weeds, when out of the blue I hear and virtually really feel a loud BANG, to the purpose I exclaimed louded “what the f*ck?!” and pull my ear buds out.

I stay in a tough neighborhood, there’s been shootings and what not so I type of duck down and begin trying round to get a really feel of issues. That’s once I see it. My can of coke is knocked all the way down to the bottom and simply spitting foamy coke each the place. No method that is the noise, proper? But I run over and decide it up (with the logic being weight loss plan coke most likely is not even good for vegetation) and I wipe it clear and begin trying it over and I notice not solely is it full, it is fully unopened. I do know I opened it, I do know I drank half of it, and I do know moments earlier than I had seen it laying on the bottom taking pictures coke up into the air. I even needed to wipe it off.

I do not know what the bang was, or how my open spilled coke all of a sudden grew to become full and unopened in my arms.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I’m too younger to recollect this, truly. But my mother all the time tells this story.

Apparently, once I was youthful, like barely capable of converse, I used to be sitting on the ground enjoying with some toys nonchalantly with my mother once I simply mentioned “when I was in heaven, I met a woman who said you’d be the perfect mommy for me.”

I apparently held the idea that I used to be in heaven earlier than being born, and an angel checked out me and selected the mother I went to. My mother requested me to explain the lady, and I apparently described my mother’s nice grandmother completely. Down to the attention color. I had by no means met my nice nice grandmother, nor seen an image of her.

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People Share 30 Strange Events They Witnessed That Still Have No Explanation I used to be in my room watching Hulu (The Simpsons, doesn’t matter) and a Burger King industrial comes on however it’s simply the king mascot and he’s like “let’s have a staring contest” and I’m like “hmmm, okay” and I’m staring, he’s staring and all of a sudden I blink… IMMEDIATELY he says “gotcha, I won” and I used to be like WTF!??? I slammed my laptop computer shut and was creeped out your complete night time. I watched Hulu on a regular basis in hopes of operating into that industrial however I by no means noticed it once more.

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