People Share 88 Plot Clichés They Just Can’t Get Enough Of, No Matter How Painfully Often They’re Used

There are two book-and-film-loving wolves inside of us. The first needs an original storyline, good acting, engaging dialogue, and believable, logical worldbuilding. The second one likes cuddling up under a blankie with a tub of ice cream and enjoys cheesy plotlines and story tropes they’ve come to know almost as friends. The wolf you feed the most popcorn wins in the end.

Internet personality Laura Crone started up a very interesting thread on Twitter when she asked her followers to share their favorite plot cliches. And the responses were so awesome, we couldn’t wait to share them with you, Pandas.

Scroll down and read the best tweets about which story tropes people enjoy the most, even though they’re far from original, and let us know in the comments what cliches make your heart beat faster.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: we absolutely love it when the protagonist overcomes all the challenges along the way through effort and willpower, learns to embrace their flaws, and saves the day. It’s the Hero’s Journey for us, and we don’t mind how cheesy it sounds. We’re also huge fans of characters charging against the forces of evil with incredibly low chances of winning. It’s the struggle against the encroaching darkness that’s the real victory. And it’s scenes like this that get us through hard times.

Haven’t you heard? The good guys win in the end. And we love that so much, it’s unreal.

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Image credits: downwithlcc

Image credits: downwithlcc

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