Pregnant girls’s tales about getting seat on a bus goes viral on Reddit

What would you do in the event you noticed a pregnant lady on a bus?

Two completely different girls determined to share their expertise with an analogous incident on Reddit, and now, customers can’t stopping about speaking about it.

Today, we’re going to inform you about two viral posts on the AITA discussion board involving a younger lady, a person and two pregnant girls.

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Young lady didn’t quit her seat for a pregnant girl

The first publish is about an nameless Reddit person, who’s being praised for not giving her seat up for a pregnant lady.

User u/Supportiswelcome, who has recognized herself as an 18-year-old, met with a street accident a couple of months in the past, leading to a damaged leg and knee.

Although her leg is “fine” now, in the future when she was on her approach again from faculty, she took an empty seat on the bus as her legs had been “bothering” her.

A pregnant lady, who received on the bus later, requested the 18-year-old for a seat, however the latter refused politely because of the injured leg.

But, the pregnant lady allegedly began yelling at her, which pressured the woman to elevate her gown to indicate the scars. The pregnant lady walked away “sulking”, whereas one other passenger mentioned the woman was “way out of line” by displaying her scars.

However, the younger woman has acquired immense assist on Reddit.


Man criticized for not permitting pregnant lady to sit down

The different story that has gone viral on Reddit is the alternative of the primary scenario.

Reddit person u/Tiredthriwaway55654 is 30 years outdated and eight months pregnant. She makes use of public transportation to commute to work.

One of the times when she was coming back from work, she took a bus with one empty seat. However, the person sitting on the seat beside that in enterprise apparel wouldn’t transfer his hand that was positioned on the empty seat.

When she requested him to maneuver his hand, he mentioned the seat was “taken” and allegedly mentioned that her being pregnant wasn’t “his problem”.

“I had enough at this point, my legs were burning and my back was hurting, so I go ahead and sit on his hand. He freaks out and tries to remove it quickly while shouting at me,” the girl defined.

Before concluding the publish, she claimed that her husband sided with the person and referred to as her motion “inappropriate”. However, others on Reddit have praised her for what she did.

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Reddit customers react to viral publish

Twitter customers have praised each girls who shared their respective experiences on the bus.

Speaking in assist of the younger woman who didn’t quit her seat, one wrote: “You’re legitimately hurt and in need of a seat. If the person behind was so supportive of the pregnant woman’s need to sit down, then they should have offered their seat instead of trying to bully you into doing so.”

In response to the second pregnant Reddit person’s publish, one commented: “NTA. I’ve been 8 months pregnant on public transportation and I 100% would have done exactly as you did. seriously, what did he expect? I’d love to see the AITA post for him…”AITA for not shifting my hand, inflicting a pregnant girl to sit down on it.”…”

Another person wrote: “While I can’t speak for everywhere, pregnancy is legally treated as a disability in much of the United States. They’re both on equal footing.”

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