Restart Your Life At Lanserhof Lans In Austria

Tucked away in the spectacular Tyrolean mountain in Austria, Lanserhof Lans is promoting itself to be Europe’s leader in innovative medicine. Located a fifteen minute  drive from Innsbruck, Lanserhof Lans is easily accessible. To get there, the closest airports are Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich in Germany. By train, from Zurich the first class Austrian train is very pleasant.

With breathtaking views over Nordkette mountain on one side and Patscherkofel mountain on the other, Lanserhof Lans is perfectly nestled on a sunny plateau between sprawling meadows and deep forests with an impressive panorama. A unique place to restart body and soul.

The Lanserhof concept was created here in the heart of Austria thirty five years ago. First opened in 1984, it was a small health and medical center based on FX Mayr therapy which means an attentive care of the intestine, a cleansing of the colon and an increase of self immune components. In the 2000s, to adjust with the needs of the clients and the change in society, Lanserhof adapted to a new very holistic concept. Today the Lanserhof approach mixes naturopathy, energy medicine, psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, chronomedicine and modern cutting-edge medicine with nutrition and movement therapy. 

Lanserhof really looks inside your body. At Lanserhof, the doctor is inside your body said Dr. Katharina Sandtner, Medical Director. “We want our guests to come back to a good rhythm, to chew and to feel the change in their body”. “The first days here are not easy with the diet, guests can sleep all day or have headaches but a few days later,  energy comes back and this good energy stays with you for a very long time, it’s incredible” she added.  

In a beautiful environment, you are allowed to take time for yourself, learn to focus on your wellbeing and turn off your phone. Who are the guests coming to Lanserof? “At the beginning, people came here for overweight, today it’s much more for stress and burn out” explained Andrea Csics, Hotel Manager. “Psychological problems are much higher than before, we tell our guests they have the chance to restart their life”. At Lanserhof, guests want to calm down and think about what they are looking for and the meaning of their life.

The goal is to find a balance in life between business pressure, family and everyday life. “People come from different parts of the world, from all ages, and for different reasons. They can be very healthy or very sick. While some come to slow down or to fix sleep disorders, others come for cardiology problems or to increase their immune system after chemotherapy” she explained. Lanserhof Lans can welcome 75 guests and counts 175 employees. 

The small buildings fit incredibly well into the surrounding nature. One part is the bathhouse with its red cedar wood facade and lateral wood panels which protect against sun and wind, open onto the views -without obstructing- which offers 16 exclusive rooms and suites. Add an outdoor salted heated pool. A highlight? The seven maisonette suites with a private roof terrace and their green roof garden. The power of nature is an essential part of the concept. The spectacle of nature at Lanserhof is also found inside the buildings. The spacious rooms and suites are decorated with harmonious colors and minimalist design as the goal is to focus solely on yourself and your stay. 

The Lanserhof therapy is based on six essential pillars : rest, purification, awareness, integration, sports and soul. At its core, the Lanserhof Cure is a complete regeneration of the intestines to revitalise the vital forces. It starts with a detoxification, purification and deacidification programme. The toxins get out of the body, the skin, and the tissues. “With every diet you learn your body better” said Dr. Katharina Sandtner. “Here, we are the guide and I like to say I meet people twice”. “Some clients have come here every year for 30 years, you take a little of the spirit of Lanserhof with you once you leave” she concluded. 

During a week, or two weeks program or much longer, -some people can stay for  months- a program of regeneration is prepared with your doctor. Treatment plans include: medical check ups, tailored dietary, exercises in the open air and so much  more. You will be taken care of from head to toe with the latest medical healing techniques. Daily Kneipp massages in a futuristic ambiance, detox drainage combined with relaxation therapies or topical lectures. At Lanserhof, psychological well being and physical health are treated as one and Dr. Marianna Pircher, Psychologist, is so brilliant. 

Your skin is also treated with such a good care. Numerous derma therapies have been developed to give a vital and healthy appearance and make you feel good. 

The last two years have shown the world that health is above everything. A lot of stress, an unhealthy lifestyle and a bad diet can make people physically and mentally ill. The greatest treasure in life is to be healthy. In 2021, Lanserhof won the World Spa Award as the Best Medical Spa for the 7th year. This health heaven is definitely a unique place where you will live a unique experience which will be inside you forever.

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