Sales tax holiday deals come to the DMV

(DC NEWS NOW) — Starting Friday, August, 5, and continuing through the weekend D.C., Maryland, and Virginia will be having a tax holiday. Certain items will be tax-free! Here’s what you can look forward to stocking up on this weekend.

For Virginians, the tax holiday means spending less for the supplies your students need. Supplies under $20 will be tax exempt. That also includes clothing and footwear that costs $100 or less per item.

Portable generators, chainsaws and other hurricane preparedness items costing $60 or less will qualify, so you can be prepared for the next major storm.

Energy Star and WaterSense appliances will be tax-free for items up to $2,500.

You’ll see similar prices in Maryland. Clothing and school uniforms costing $100 or less qualify, and the first $40 off backpacks will be tax exempt. You can also grab those hats and winter gloves before the temperatures start to drop.

In West Virginia, certain clothing that costs $125 or less will be tax free, as well as school supplies costing $50 or less.

Jakelin Escobar, a graduate student in D.C. says she will be taking advantage of this weekends sales for herself and her siblings. She says with inflation and rising cost of materials, the sale will help her family cut costs.

“Being a grad student, these are supplies I do need. I’ve been through the middle school, high school and college phases. I remember when these notebooks were different prices,” said Escobar. “You go to Walmart or Target right now and these prices are very scary.”

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