Salvation Army food hamper program aims to help 1,100 families

In less than two the Salvation Army is halfway to its targeted estimate of 1,100 families it is set to help this holiday season with the annual food hamper program.

Major Peter van Duinen, Core Corps Officer and Pastor of The Salvation Army in Guelph said the program estimates it will serve roughly 1,100 families through the Christmas hamper program.

“We’re not anticipating there will be a significant reduction in the number of people that are coming to us for help and it seems to be on target based on previous years,” said Van Duinen

The Salvation Army will be pivoting away from last year’s decision of handing out grocery gift cards in five locations across the city, and instead will be returning to the traditional method of in-person delivery.

Last year our Christmas program did serve more people than in previous years. That included just over 4,200 individuals and over 1,100 children receiving toys.

Registration continues and those looking for more information can call the Salvation Army at 519-836-9360. 

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