Shady Thai Takeover and at Shady Acres and more

Are you tired? Tired of sitting at home? Tired of having to count how many friends you’re allowed to have indoors or outdoors? Tired that there’s all this sunshine and 20-degree-plus weather and nothing to do? No beaches this weekend, if you were planning on it. Let me turn your attention to some menus that you’ll be able to take great pleasure in instead.

I’ve taken the brunch thing down a notch this week; just two very worthy visits to Carbon and Frites, if you hadn’t been yet. You can pick up Elephant Grounds‘ monthly ice cream sandwich or make a sammie of your own with newly launched milk bread from Dang Wen Li by Dominique Ansel. You could also head to The Peninsula for a dignified afternoon of music and dainty food, or on the flip side, have a fab, boozy afternoon at Shady with their new riesling launch.

Choices, choices, choices. What to Eat This Weekend:

“Oscar Overture” at The Lobby Lounge

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