Solarus The Immaculate Boss Fight Information


  • The Solarus boss combat has three completely different phases
  • Failing to defeat the boss within the third part will partially reset the combat
  • Beating Solarus rewards the Summon Fallen Angel potential

Silverlight Hills is house to a few of “V Rising’s” most harmful enemies. This is much more obvious with regards to the bosses within the space.

Solarus might be thought-about the ultimate boss within the sport’s present Early Access part. He is a stage 80 enemy who makes use of all kinds of assaults that hit extraordinarily laborious, particularly in opposition to the unprepared.

This legendary paladin would be the bane of all vampires, however he’s not immortal. Here’s how one can beat Solarus in “V Rising.”

Solarus the Immaculate Location

Solarus at all times spawns contained in the closely fortified Temple of Light, which sits on the japanese border of the Silverlight Hills. The boss area is indoors, which suggests gamers gained’t have to fret about daylight when combating Solarus.

The space is crammed with level-appropriate Silverlight mobs like Knights, Paladins and Clerics. Make positive to keep away from taking an excessive amount of harm from them earlier than reaching the boss room.

Solarus Boss Fight Tips

There are three phases on this boss combat, so anticipate it to final for a couple of minutes.

Solarus’ fundamental assaults are comparatively simple to dodge as long as gamers are paying consideration. Dodge or block any incoming assaults and whittle the boss’ HP all the way down to 50% to start out the second part.

Here, Solarus will summon an angel who will combat alongside him. Do not interact the angel since it can turn out to be immune to wreck and heal again to full after it drops to low well being. Focus on Solarus and keep away from all harm as normal.

When the boss drops to 10% HP, he’ll start to heal himself. This time, gamers ought to give attention to defeating the angel to finish Solarus’ therapeutic and to start the third part of the combat. He will achieve a leap assault and a bullet hell transfer on this part. Should gamers fail to beat him in time, the combat will revert again to part two.

Recommended Gear and Powers

Gear rating must be as excessive as doable throughout this combat, and think about using axes or hammers for his or her added mobility.

Additionally, convey powers that may assist with avoiding harm like Mist Veil. Sanguine Coil can also be nice for topping off HP mid-fight, although Chaos Volley will likely be higher as a DPS instrument.

V Rising features fast and frantic action from a top-down isometric perspective V Rising options quick and frantic motion from a top-down isometric perspective Photo: Stunlock Studios

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